Don’t Allow Your Age To Limit Your Goals


When I became a student at USC-Columbia, I was a 38 year old working Mom with two children. I knew that I would never be in a stable financial position to support my sons without a Bachelor’s Degree. And, I was determined to earn my degree while working full time 37.5 hours a week and being a Mom.

I woke up each day at 3:30 am, worked as a studio camera operator at a local Columbia television station for their morning and noon news programs. Often, I would rush over to USC for a morning class on my morning break between the 5-7am news show then rush back to work for the noon news show. I got off work at 1pm. I usually had a class beginning at 1:20pm. And, 2-3 other classes after that daily each semester.

By about 8pm every day, I had to complete projects, study, homework assignments, and shoot video group projects required as a Media Arts student. For three years, I slept about three hours a night before getting back up and going back to work at the television station and repeating the whole routine over the next day.

During my time at USC, I spent a semester abroad in England as a USC Study Abroad Student, was a staff writer for Garnet and Black, and had an Internship with CNN-Boston Bureau covering the 2004 Presidential Election. During that internship, I had the opportunity to work with the national media and CNN at the Democratic National Convention.

It was not easy. From starting out with classes at Trident Tech in Charleston to one year at USC Beaufort, I was making small steps every day toward earning my Bachelor’s degree.

I can say for a nearly middle aged woman from a rural NC community to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree with the ability to do everything from speak Swahili to having the knowledge of producing and directing my own documentary films with the outstanding education I received from USC, it was worth it. My own story proves there are NO limits to what you are able to achieve, especially if you have perseverance and the will to go after your goals.

As a USC student, I told myself daily, “quitting or failing is not an option.” I still live by those words. I’m very proud of the education I received at The University of South Carolina.

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