Trivia Tuesday: Horseshoe Bricks

The Horseshoe

The USC Horseshoe has been the heart and soul of the University of South Carolina since its earliest days. We all know this historic center dons the names of some of Carolina’s greatest, but do you know the origin of the iconic brick pathways?

Horseshoe LettersThe brick pathways on the Horseshoe date back to 1931, when students and faculty members decided to lay sidewalks to prevent having to walk muddy paths on rainy days. The project received donations of money, bricks and the assistance of brick masons.

Order your Horseshoe brick from My Carolina Alumni Association.

Today you’ll notice a blend of old and new bricks intermingled throughout. In an effort by My Carolina to restore the walkways, it has become a tradition to purchase bricks in honor of family members or as a graduation gift to leave a permanent legacy at Carolina. Most recently, a Horseshoe brick was the means of a unique marriage proposal. The special moment was captured and posted on YouTube.

Trivia Tuesday

Be the first to answer this week’s Trivia Tuesday question correctly in the comments section to receive a No Limits t-shirt. What do the white letters on the Horseshoe represent?

Trivia Tuesday: What do the white letters on the Horseshoe represent?