Internationals exposed to American Volunteerism

As the Community Outreach Coordinator for the English Programs for Internationals, we have engaged in many opportunities for our 200+ students to have the chance to get involved in the community. They have been very touched to see American Volunteerism in practice. Last year, we took 5 international students on the Martin Luther King Day of Service to Epworth Children’s Home to help to clean up the grounds. They worked alongside many USC students to make that a better place. The internationals, from Syria, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, etc. all loved their day of service and enjoyed working alongside USC students who were so happy to give their time. It impacted our students to see this principle in action. We’ve had many moments like this, and I’d love to share them! Photos of this are at my office, and I can’t upload them at the moment.

The uploaded photo is of EPI students taking on a project with Project Angel Tree at Christmas with the Salvation Army. We’ve bought dream toys for the last 3 years for local children in need. They collect the money and purchase the gifts.

We’ve had many wonderful moments at EPi to introduce our students the the concept of giving back to the community and volunteering.

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