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U101 instructor helps students feel at home

By Chris Horn, Carolinian magazine editor,, 803-777-3687

For years USC students have put Viki Sox Fecas’ number in their cell phones but not with her name. Typically she’s identified as “USC Mom.” 

Fecas’ nurturing spirit has been evident in all of her work with students — from teaching 28 sections of University 101 in the past 25 years to her job at the USC Career Center from which she retired in 2011. 

In both capacities, she helped guide a generation of students through the journey of preparing for college life, graduation and entry into professional careers. 

“University 101 has offered me incredible opportunities for professional development and a way to challenge and support students,” said Fecas, who enrolled in the course as a freshman in 1979. “Teaching University 101 is a neat way to connect with students who are desperate to find their place in a large institution with someone who knows their names and understands the struggles they’re going through.” 

This year she was recognized as the Outstanding Teaching in University 101 winner.

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