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Science Café, July 9: Fuel Cell Innovation in South Carolina

The Science Café’s Year of the SmartState series continues at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 9, at the Speakeasy, 711 Saluda Ave. in Five Points. Kenneth Reifsnider, USC’s SmartState Endowed Chair in Solid Oxide Fuels, will talk with the public about how his Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Center is helping lead the nation in cutting-edge energy research.

Fuel cells represent one of the most efficient methods of converting chemical energy into electrical energy. Their quiet, emission-free operation is crucial in a range of applications, from supplying power to military laptops in the field to powering critical systems in aerospace vehicles. Reifsnider’s work in understanding the materials that go into fuel cells has been instrumental in furthering their adoption in a host of areas and has brought more than $30 million in research funding to the state of South Carolina since he came to USC in 2008.

Reifsnider will speak at the Science Café, where the public is invited to meet with researchers in a relaxed atmosphere. Questions are welcome – and in fact encouraged – at this event sponsored by EngenuitySC.

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