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Energy executive at USC to discuss power delivery

Just how will electricity be produced and delivered to South Carolina customers and the rest of the nation in the next five years, 10 years, 50 years? That is what Duke Energy’s Jim L. Stanley needs to know.

Stanley is senior vice president of power delivery and has oversight of the electric transmission and distribution systems for Duke Energy’s five-state service area, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky.

He will speak at the USC campus about the challenges and the unknowns of modernizing the electric power grid. His talk, “Wired for a Sustainable Energy Future: Modernizing our Grid and Empowering our Leaders,” will be at 3:15 p.m. Oct. 6 in Swearingen Engineering Center’s Amoco Hall at the University of South Carolina.

Stanley also will offer a perspective on the leadership attributes necessary to make long-term plans a reality. 

His visit is part of the University of South Carolina and Duke Energy’s Executive-in-Residence Program, which is bringing to USC some of Duke Energy’s top executives from the fields of energy and environmental policy, economic development, power distribution and delivery, communications and government and regulatory affairs.

USC Provost Michael Amiridis said the partnership with Duke Energy is an outstanding example of a public-private partnership to foster leadership and energy sustainability.

“As one of the largest power companies in the United States, Duke Energy has consistently demonstrated leadership in the area of sustainability,” Amiridis said. “By inviting their executives to spend time on campus to interact with students and faculty, we expect to help our students and faculty expand their understanding of these complex themes and, hopefully, come away with an enhanced appreciation of the critical importance of leadership and sustainability for success in the global marketplace.”

Catherine Heigel, president of Duke Energy South Carolina, said Duke Energy is pleased to collaborate with USC on developing leaders for the energy sector. 

“Duke Energy is committed to serving customers and communities in a way that is affordable, reliable and environmentally responsible – a difficult assignment that we take very seriously,” Heigel said. “We are excited to collaborate with the University of South Carolina to develop the energy leaders of the future who will balance these important objectives over the next several decades.”

The Leadership in Sustainability Program is the first of its kind at USC.

“Leadership is an increasingly important trait for individuals to have if they are going to be successful in any endeavor they choose,” Amiridis said. “By addressing topics such as responsibility and integrity within the broader realm of sustainability, the Leadership in Sustainability Program complements the Carolina Leadership Initiative and is one more way that our students can gain valuable preparation for life after Carolina.”

The program continues through February with executives scheduled to visit the campus, speak to undergraduate and graduate students, tour research facilities, talk with faculty and administrators and deliver a public lecture. Each executive will be hosted by a college whose academic offerings match the visiting executive’s background and experience.

Stanley is being hosted by the College of Engineering and Computing.

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