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Want to find friends that are interesting, thoughtful, and actually care about the world? Then GSP is for you. The Green Scholars Program (GSP) is made up of first year students in the Green Quad Learning Community that are smart, productive, and passionate about life.

We're a Community

As a student in GSP you'll all live in the Green Quad. Living together allows you to build a close group of friends and develop a new home away from home. In addition to your living spaces, you also have access to the GQ Learning Center, which is a great place to study, play piano, or have a movie night on the big screen.

In your first semester you'll take University 101 with other Scholars. U101 is a small 19-person class that will make your transition to college smoother and serve as an introduction to sustainability. Our learning happens outside of the classroom too - through GSP you'll attend events throughout the year such as guest lectures, healthy cooking demonstrations, documentary viewings, and field trips.

In GSP you'll have the opportunity to serve your local community with your friends, and you'll be prepped with the skills and know-how to make an impact at USC. Through one-on-one coaching, we set you up for success at Carolina. Whether you need help going after a leadership role on campus or a summer internship, your peers and mentors will help you reach your goals.

Perks of Being in GSP

When you live together, take class together, and attend events/serve together, you're bound to build a pretty solid network. The great thing about GSP is that you're put together with other students that genuinely care about the world we live in - each of you want to make a difference. This means thoughtful conversations over dinner, fun adventures and outings, and the opportunity to build lifelong friendships.

We've aligned our program to give you the footing you need to pursue Graduation with Leadership Distinction (GLD). Throughout your first year you'll be introduced to the program and will get started on your application so you can track your experiences. In the fall you'll have the opportunity to apply for our Sustainable Carolina Prep Program, which will provide professional development opportunities and a pathway to Sustainable Carolina's Leadership Program (SCLP).

One advantage of this program is that you have a faculty member and staff member - Joe and Laura - that are your ultimate support network. Whether you need academic advice or life advice, we've got your back. As faculty and staff, we know the system here at USC and are here to help you navigate it. We'll make sure you get the most out of your experience by connecting you to research, career, and leadership opportunities.

Yep, you read that right. Behind the GQ complex sits a student run garden. We have student plots where you can grow your own food, a natural dye garden where we do dye workshops, and in our green house sits our hydroponics system which produces 70 heads of lettuce/week for the campus dining facilities, local grocery stores, and local restaurants. It's pretty sweet. Also, as a Scholar you'll get the opportunity to go to Dr. Jones' farm. Using sustainable agriculture he and his family raise chickens, sheep, and pigs... oh my! He also has a pigmy goat that likes to come to campus for our occasional "bring your goat to work day."

Whether you want to pursue research, a cool internship, an interesting conference or training - we have funds available. We love students that exercise their curiosity and creativity, and we don't want money to hold you back from exploring the world around you. Pitch us on something, and if we like what we hear we'll help support you.

As our program grows, so does our alumni network. At the beginning of the year, you'll meet some Green Scholar alum that are excited to take you under their wings. As you look for internships and opportunities on campus, you'll be grateful to have a group of peers to look to for advice and guidance. Through casual meet-and-greets as well as our online LinkedIn group, you'll have the opportunity to practice your networking skills in a low-stress environment.

So you want to be a Green Scholar...

Well good choice! We'll begin collecting applications in April, but if you know you're interested now feel free to email Laura ( to let her know to keep her eye out for you. You'll also want to follow the steps below.

STEP ONE: Submit your housing application, listing Green Quad as your first preference for housing. This will help ensure we can pull you into our program, as your housing preference will take precedence.

STEP TWO: Fill out the "Associate Learning Community Supplemental Application" for Green Quad. After you complete your Housing application you will receive a link to this second application. If you don't receive this link, please call University Housing for assistance: 803-777-4283 or email Make sure you're thoughtful in your responses to this application, as we will include these answers in our decision as to whom we admit into GSP.

STEP THREE: Email Laura ( to let her know you're interested in being a Green Scholar; she'll make sure you're the first to know when the application is live.


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