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Payroll Procedures

On Campus Employers

The USC Payroll Department requires all work-study students working on campus to submit their time cards on-line. Paper time cards are no longer accepted by Payroll. Students can access the time card form on

Time cards for students working on campus must be approved by the student's supervisor who in turn forwards the time card electronically to Payroll. Time cards are due at Payroll each Monday morning for hours worked the preceding week.

Off-Campus Employers

Off-campus student employees are not required to enter hours worked on the ITAMS system. Each agency will submit a weekly timesheet listing daily hours worked for each employee along with a Federal Work-Study Students Time Transmittal Form listing employees with total hours worked. Both timesheets and transmittal forms must be signed by an authorized representative and forwarded to Payroll via fax (777-8080) by noon on the Tuesday following each week ending date. Original time transmittal forms then should be mailed to:

USC Student Payroll
1600 Hampton Street
Columbia, SC 29208

*Note: Please contact the USC Payroll Office if additional blank timesheets or transmittal forms are needed.


Work-Study students, like all USC employees, are paid on the 15th and the last day of each month. Students are paid for actual hours worked, not for estimated hours; therefore, students who begin work around the first of the month will not receive a check on the 15th. Instead, payment for work performed by mid-month will be available at the end of the month.

Students are required to enroll in direct deposit of their paychecks. Enrollment for direct deposit can be completed in VIP. A tutorial demonstrating the VIP direct deposit enrollment process is available at