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The Student's Responsibility

Students who receive Work-Study awards are NOT assigned jobs; they apply for Work-Study positions like traditional employees. This involves looking for work, filling out applications and interviewing.

There are usually more positions than Work-Study students to fill them. Therefore, it is in the employer's interest to make as many students as possible aware of their Work-Study opportunities.

Determining How Many Work-Study Students You Need

As a Work-Study recipient, a student employee's first priority is academic success. While Work-Study students should be viewed as any other part time, temporary employee, please keep in mind that it may be necessary for their work schedule to be rearranged from time to time to accommodate academic responsibilities. Remember that Work-Study students are not permitted to work more than twenty hours (20) a week when classes are in session.

Federal Work-Study students and the duties they perform should complement, not replace, regular employees. In fact, it is a violation of Federal Work-Study regulations for an employer to use Work-Study students to displace permanent employees.

With these factors in mind, you should determine the number of Work-Study positions that will meet your needs. Most employers find that the work load of one full-time 37 1/2 hour per week employee usually requires two or three Federal Work-Study students.

Where to Advertise Your Work-Study Position

The key to success in Work-Study is having the right student for the right job. The more students who apply, the better your odds of finding the right students for you. There are several ways to get the word out to Work-Study students:

Work-Study Postings on the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships website Most students start here . They can find a link to the online job listings, including a brief description of the job, the salary and requirements, and who to contact for an interview. Students can also find out the status of each job. ALL jobs must be posted on the Financial Aid Web Site. The job listings by department can be found here . The job listings by job category can be found here .

Department Contacts-- If you are looking for students with particular skills or interests, you may want to contact individual departments in the University and have your available positions posted there.

For example, if you are looking for students to fill a counseling position at your community service agency, you might call the USC Psychology and Education programs. If you need someone to work with your office PC, you might try Computer Science or the Business school. The various USC colleges and departments are listed in the white pages of your Columbia phone directory.

The Gamecock-- The Gamecock, USC's student newspaper, is published each weekday during the academic year and each Wednesday during the summer months. The Gamecock is widely read on campus and will publish your job listings for a nominal fee. You may want to consider using The Gamecock, especially if you are looking for students with a particular skill. NOTE: Be sure to identify your position as "Work-Study." To contact The Gamecock, call 777-3888.

How to Advertise Your Work-Study Position

To advertise your job(s), complete one Job Advertisement Form, available by clicking here, for each different job opening you have. For example, if you have three Office Assistant positions available, you need to complete only one form for these three positions. After completing the Job Advertisement Form, forward a copy to the fax number, mailing address, or email address listed at the top of the form. When the job ad has been entered on the Web and assigned a computer-generated position number, a copy of the Job Advertisement Form will be returned to you, with the job number added. This number should be retained and used for all students filling that position.

The job advertisement will be displayed as "available" until you notify the Financial Aid Office that the job(s) has been filled. This may be done by calling the FWS Administrative Assistant at 777-3216, e-mailing . It is the responsibility of the employer to notify the work-study staff of any changes to the content or status of the job. You can use the Job Advertisement form to submit revisions to current work-study positions as well.