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Community Service and Carolina Reads

Community Service

The 1992 Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act mandates 7% of USC's Work-Study allocation be used to pay students working in community service positions. Community service positions are those which provide services to improve the quality of community life, especially for low income individuals. These services include:

  • health care, child care, literacy training, education, welfare, social services transportation, housing, safety, crime prevention and control, recreation, etc.
  • work in service opportunities or youth corps.
  • support services for students with disabilities.
  • mentoring (e.g., tutoring, counseling, supporting educational and recreational activities.)

Community Service: On Campus

Some University departments and programs have jobs that qualify as community service positions. By identifying community service positions, the departments are helping USC meet the Federal mandate (7%) and keep Work-Study resources on-campus.

To identify community service positions, the department can simply contact the USC Work-Study Coordinator or Administrative Assistant with information about these positions. These hires are processed on the web just as other on-campus departments.

Community Service: Off Campus

Eligible off-campus agencies that have jobs available for part time student employees actually providing services listed above may contract with the University to employ Work-Study students through the Community Service program.

Public (federal, state or local) and private (non-public) community service agencies' share of the Work-Study student employee's wage is 25% (with a limited number of off-campus employers paying 10% with the Federal Government paying 90%) plus an additional 5.6% administrative charge.

Carolina Reads

The mission of Carolina Reads is to engage USC students and faculty in meaningful experiences that promote literacy and reading skills to South Carolina K-12 students. Work-Study students may participate in the Carolina Reads program by working as reading tutors for the Midlands Reading Consortium. Implemented by the United Way of the Midlands, the Midlands Reading Consortium is in partnership with Richland School District One. To help institutions with this initiative, the 10% employer matching requirement for FWS students tutoring pre-school and elementary school children with reading is waived. Therefore, all earnings are charged to the FWS program at 100%.

As of July 1, 1998, the matching waiver also applied to FWS students who work in a family literacy program. A family literacy program integrates the following:

  • Literacy tutoring for children
  • Literacy training for parents or care givers of children in the program
  • Equipping parents or care givers with the skills needed to partner with their children in learning
  • Literacy activities between parents or care givers and their children

Interested employers should contact the University of South Carolina Community Service Office at 777-7130.