University of South Carolina

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Reducing, Cancelling and Terminating Work-Study Awards

While the majority of Work-Study students never experience any modifications to their Work-Study status, it is sometimes necessary to change, reduce or even cancel Work-Study awards. Also, employers may terminate a student's employment if they feel it is necessary. The following details the procedures for making changes in Work-Study employment:

Reducing and Cancelling Work-Study Awards

The USC Work-Study is designed to be as user friendly to students and employers as possible. However, on occasion it may be necessary for the Financial Aid Office to reduce, or even cancel, a student's Federal Work-Study award. If so, the student and the employing department/agency will receive notice from the Financial Aid Office that the student's Federal Work-Study Award has been changed or terminated by the Federal Work-Study Coordinator.

The most common reason for reducing a Work-Study award is when a student receives additional financial assistance during the academic year (i.e., University or outside scholarship). Employers and students are notified of this change by letter.

Changes Initiated by the Department or Agency

The only changes that a department should make to the Work-Study student's status are to the student's hourly salary or to the fund code. Any changes to the student's expected earnings will be made by the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships. Changes to the student's hourly rate or fund codes should be initiated by the department on a PBP-3. Simply circle the change(s) and submit the form directly to the Financial Aid Office. The change(s) will be processed and forwarded to the Payroll Office.

Terminations Initiated by the Department or Agency

When a department terminates a FWS styudent for any reason, a PBP-3 form should be submitted directly to the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships with the termination block selected and the last date the student worked entered on the "Effective Date" and "End Date" lines.

Note: A "change" PBP-3 form may not be used to switch a student from work-study funds to departmental funds. The department must first terminate the work-study employment using a "termination" PBP-3 form, then rehire as a non work-study (regs) student on VIP using 100% departmental funds.