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Federal Work Study

Finding a Work-Study Job

If you have been awarded Federal Work-Study, you need to find a Work-Study job either on or off campus in order to use your award. Your award notification discloses the total Work-Study amount you may earn per year.

Explore Federal Work-Study jobs by category or by department to discover positions that may appeal to your interests.. Explore work-study jobs by category or by department to discover positions that may appeal to your interests.

Listings include:
  • Job title
  • Required qualifications
  • Required number of hours per week
  • Pay rate
  • Employer's name, address and phone number

Use the descriptions to select several positions, contact the hiring employers, and arrange interviews. As with any employment opportunity, you'll improve your prospects if you are well prepared, presentable, and enthusiastic about the position. Before you make a commitment, make sure the work schedule doesn't conflict with your class or study schedule, and that you are comfortable with the hours required.

Community Service Work Opportunities

Work-Study students have the opportunity to work directly with agencies that provide much needed services to families and individuals right here in the Columbia area. From homeless shelters to special schools for at risk teens, USC Work-Study students have the opportunity to serve their community and get paid in the process. While the pay scale for Community Service positions is comparable to other Work-Study jobs, the rewards can be priceless.
Community Service Job Openings

Carolina Reads
Work-Study Students may choose to work directly with elementary schools and the Midlands Reading Consortium in an effort to help eliminate illiteracy.
Carolina Reads Job Openings

Getting Hired

Before you can begin an on-campus Work-Study job, your employer must complete a hire payroll form.  You do not have to obtain a payroll form from our office.

Before you can begin an off-campus Work-Study job, you must come to our office and request your payroll form.  When you stop in to request the form, please make sure to identify yourself as an off-campus Work-Study employee.

Planning Your Work Schedule

While pay rates vary slightly between jobs, the amount you may earn (your award) is fixed. This total is on your award notification. Once you have earned this amount, you must stop working. That's why it's important to set up a work schedule at the beginning of each semester that allows you to spread your earnings over the entire period. Use this simple formula:

(Work-Study Award Amount / Hourly Pay Rate) / Weeks in Term = Hours per Week

FWS Employment Periods
Fall 2012: August 5 - December 31
Spring 2013: January 1- May 5

Getting Paid

The first step to getting a paycheck is to have your employer complete your hire paperwork. As an hourly employee working on campus, you will enter your hours worked each week by logging onto ITAMS. If you work off-campus, you will complete a weekly time card/sheet provided by the off-campus employer. As a Work-Study student, you are an employee of the university whether you work on or off campus. University employees are paid on the 15th and the last working day of the month. The Payroll Office, located at 1600 Hampton Street, requires all employees to complete direct deposit information using the VIP system. If the deposit information is not provided prior to printing the employee's first paycheck, the check will not be distributed to the department. A tutorial demonstrating the VIP direct deposit enrollment process is available here.

You cannot receive a paycheck until your payroll form has been submitted by your employer and you have submitted your hours worked via ITAMS if working on campus or a timecard if working off campus. You will not receive a check on the first pay date after you begin working because of the time required to process payroll forms. Be sure to submit your paperwork promptly to avoid a delay on your part in receiving your paycheck.

Changing Jobs

If necessary, you may change jobs once per year. To request a change, bring your PBP-3 form which indicates the termination of your previous employment to our office. A new payroll form will be available in approximately two (2) days.

Working More Than One Job

While we do not encourage students to hold multiple Work-Study positions, you may, with prior approval from our office, work more than one job at the same time. You cannot work more than twenty hours in any week while classes are in session.

Withdrawing from School

If you withdraw from the University during a semester or summer session, you may not continue working through the Federal Work-Study Program. Please visit our office to meet with a counselor about terminating the Work-Study job. You will also receive information about the effect of the withdrawal on other forms of financial aid.