University of South Carolina

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Student Employment

Like many USC students, you may choose to fund a portion of your educational expenses by working while going to school.

Federal Work-Study

Some part-time jobs — both on and off campus — are supported through the federal financial aid program known as Federal Work-Study (FWS). When you complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), you can indicate whether or not you want to receive some of your financial aid in the form of work-study funds.

As you think about applying for federal work-study aid, consider the benefits of learning while you earn. Look for positions that give work experience in your field of study or provide a valuable service to the community. Review the job postings, qualifications, the number of hours required and how the schedule would fit with your classes and study time before you arrange interviews with the hiring manager or make a commitment to the job.

Federal Work-Study Employer Information

USC Career Center

For information about other part-time jobs on campus or in the community, your best source is the USC Career Center. In addition to job listings through the JobMate secure online career site, you can benefit from helpful Career Center programs and services, including:

  • Career counseling
  • Career-related informational tip sheets
  • Co-op work experiences
  • Internships
  • Job fairs
  • Mock interviews
  • On-campus interviewing
  • Résumé assistance
  • Résumé referral
  • Web-based job search resources