University of South Carolina

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Using Your Aid to Pay University Charges

Review Your Fees on VIP: Financial aid will appear on your awards page on VIP. At the time of billing, awards for which all eligibility criteria have been fully met will be classified as "available" and may be used to pay your University charges for the term of the award. Awards for which all eligibility criteria have not been met will be classified as "pending"; the reason for this status should be displayed on your bill. Our office can answer questions regarding a pending status or you may contact the Student Loan Collections Office, 516 S. Main Street. Once the reasons causing the pending status are resolved, the award will become available and may be used to pay your University fees. Please note that Federal Work-Study may not be used to pay your fees. Work-Study funds are only received as work is completed.

Regulations require that your federal financial aid must be used to pay your tuition and fees and University room and board. In order for your federal financial aid to pay other charges on your bill, you must complete an authorization form giving the University permission to use your federal financial aid to pay them. This authorization is available on VIP under the "Financial" tab and then "Financial Aid Awards".

Using VIP to Pay Your Fees: You must go to VIP to use your financial aid to pay your fees. If your fees are not paid or deferred by the specified due date, the classes for which you registered will be canceled. Please pay close attention to the information provided in the University's Master Schedule regarding class cancellation and fee payment dates.

You must also pay careful attention to the instructions provided on VIP for the payment of your University bill. These will outline the procedures to follow when using VIP to apply your financial aid awards to pay your University charges. Additionally, at the time funds are disbursed, you must be found to be making satisfactory academic progress for financial aid eligibility as defined by the University's policy. Click here for the University of South Carolina Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for financial aid eligibility.

Failure to Utilize Your Aid: If you do not take action to commit your financial aid to pay your University charges for any term, your financial aid for that semester or summer session as well as subsequent semesters or summer sessions will be canceled. In order to avoid cancellation for the entire year, you must request in writing to our office that your future aid be held and not canceled.

Aid for Non-University Expenses Overage: If you have additional financial aid after paying your University charges, you will be able to receive the excess in the form of a University check or through direct deposit. If you prefer checks, they are mailed, according to an arranged schedule, from the Bursar's Office to either your local or permanent address as listed with University Records on VIP. Check with the Bursar's Office for the exact mailing dates and with questions regarding the mailing of your check. It is your responsibility to keep your address current on VIP. Overages that result from a parent PLUS loan will be mailed from the university to the parent borrower at the address provided on the PLUS loan application. If this address has changed, please contact our office.

You may also elect to participate in the electronic check feature through which your financial aid excess is directly deposited into a checking or savings account of your choice. The form to authorize this process is found at Information concerning this option may be obtained from the Student Loan Accounting Office.