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Receiving Aid

Receiving Aid Terms and Conditions

Included in this area are the terms and conditions of your award, how your award was determined, and how you may use your aid to pay your educational expenses once you are officially enrolled. It is important that you read and understand this information.

Awards: When your financial aid award(including scholarships) is made or adjusted, you will receive an email notification. You may also receive paper correspondence from our office concerning necessary adjustments. You will always be directed to SSC on the web where you may review your award(s). We urge you to keep your email and postal mailing addresses current on SSC to avoid any delays with our correspondence and to be ever alert to any communications. With the exception of Federal Direct Loans, the award amounts listed are what you should receive if you meet all of the eligibility criteria. If the total of your award(s) becomes greater than your financial need or your established educational expense budget, your award may need to be adjusted. While generally not an issue, all awards are subject to the availability of funding. As noted previously, you will be notified of any such adjustments to your awards.

If your situation changes: If, at any time during your application process or the award year, you or your family encounter uncontrollable circumstances that you believe affect your financial condition, please contact our office and arrange to speak with a counselor. The counselor will evaluate your circumstance and advise you appropriately of any options available to you.

Enrollment: If you fail to enroll or enroll for less than half-time status (except for Pell Grants) for a term for which you are awarded financial aid, any aid awarded for that term or any subsequent terms (including summer sessions) in that year will be canceled. Enrollment for federal aid programs is based upon the number of hours enrolled at the end of the drop/add period of the part of term that represents the full semester, or the date the federal awards are made, whichever is later.

Points of Contact: You should contact the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships regarding the following information:

  • eligibility for all types of federal and SC state-sponsored student aid
  • applying for financial aid
  • verification information and forms
  • award notification information
  • general financial aid eligibility information

Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships
1714 College Street
Columbia, SC 29208

    You should contact the Bursar's Office regarding the following information:

  • disbursement of all financial aid and scholarships
  • fees payment concerns or problems
  • Perkins or Health Professions Student Loan promissory notes, entrance, or exit loan counseling
  • fees deferments
  • financial aid refunds and disbursements

Bursar's Office
516 Main Street
Columbia, SC 29208