Fall 2006 to Fall 2007 HOPE to LIFE Conversion


Report Description:  This report summarizes the rate of conversion from HOPE to LIFE.  The purpose of the report is to determine what percentage of freshman HOPE recipients are able to qualify for LIFE at the conclusion of the freshman year.
Last Updated: 9/1/2007


Fall 2006 New Freshman, Disregarding Fall 2007 Enrollment Fall 2006 New Freshman HOPE to LIFE Conversion, Disregarding Fall 2007 Enrollment
  Percent of Total      
2006-2007 HOPE Only 59.44%
2006-2007 HOPE and 2007-2008 LIFE 40.56%      
Fall 2006 New Freshman, Enrolled Fall 2007 Fall 2006 HOPE to LIFE Conversion, Enrolled Fall 2007 
  Percent of Total
2006-2007 HOPE Only 56.39%
2006-2007 HOPE and 2006-2007 LIFE 43.61%