University of South Carolina

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Transient Student Checklist

CheckboxIf you are attending Summer School as a Transient student, complete the Financial Aid Summer Application on SSC under the "Financial Tab." This application is available April 1st to June 1 each year.

CheckboxVerify that you have Financial Aid Awards on SSC that you wish to be sent as Transient Aid to another school or USC campus. If not:

CheckboxVisit your Academic Advisor and obtain the Special Academic Enrollment form or AS30.

  • This will ensure that the classes you are taking will transfer back to USC for degree seeking credit
  • Keep a copy of this form for your records
  • Hand-carry, email, or fax a copy of this form to the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships.

CheckboxComplete the Financial Aid Prescreen Form, and hand-carry, email, or fax this form to the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships.

CheckboxCheck for Fee Payment Deadlines.

  • Funds disburse from USC Columbia eight days before classes start.
  • If the bill at your transient school is due before this time, you will need to make payment arrangements.
  • USC Columbia cannot hold classes at another institution.

CheckboxPay bills.

  • Monitor SSC under the "Financial" Tab where it says "Fees Tuition and Payment."
  • If you owe charges to USC- Columbia, the funds may not be sent until that bill is fully paid. Financial aid will not be available to pay USC Columbia fees if you are transient.

CheckboxMonitor your financial aid on SSC to verify that it is being prepared for transient status.

  • Monitor SSC under the "Financial Tab," where it says "Financial Aid Award's Status."
  • If you are attending USC Satellite campuses, you will see aid become available for "Fee Payment" on SSC under the "Financial" tab, where it says "Fees Tuition & Payment." Once fees are paid, any available Financial Aid Refund may disburse as early as 8 days before classes start at USC Columbia.
  • If you are attending other institutions, your aid will be placed on hold when it is available to disburse to their transient school.

CheckboxMonitor to verify that aid has been disbursed.

  • The Bursar's office typically sends an e-mail to tell you that your check has been sent.
  • Also, on SSC under the "Financial" tab, where it says "Financial Aid Awards," you will see a "Received" column.
    • If you are attending USC Satellite campuses, "Received" means your Financial Aid Refund check has been disbursed to you.
    • If you are attending other institutions, "Received" means funds have been sent to your transient school by paper check through postal mail.

CheckboxIf you are attending other institutions are encouraged to maintain contact with their transient school to ensure fund receipt.

  • If your funds have not arrived within a week of your "Bursar E-mail", and showing "Received" on SSC, students may contact our office requesting tracking information on the check that was sent.
  • Your school will typically contact you for check endorsement.
  • If a Financial Aid Refund exists, your transient school will disburse it to you.

CheckboxStudents with Transient aid questions may contact Tara Gibbs at 803-777-8134 or by email:

Helpful Terms

FAFSA: FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This application is required for most financial aid programs.

SSC: is the University's student's web connection to most academic and financial information, including Financial Aid. You must be an admitted ( student to gain access to the site.

Transient: Transient students are USC-Columbia students who earn credits at another institution (including other USC campuses) and transfer the earned credits back to USC-Columbia. The school where a student plans to graduate will also process federal financial aid. Students must receive approval from their academic advisor to participate.

National Student Exchange: The National Student Exchange Program is a consortium of colleges and universities in the United States, the U.S. territories, and Canada that provide opportunities for undergraduate students to study for up to one calendar year at another NSE member institution. Participation in this program is coordinated through the NSE Office.