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Financial Aid & Scholarships

Apply for Summer Financial Aid

For financial aid purposes, all summer parts of term are combined into single term. To be considered for student aid loans, including private educational loans, you must be enrolled on at least a half-time basis, defined as 6 hours spread over all summer sessions Note: Pell Grant eligibility requires only 3 hours of enrollment.

The summer is considered the end of the academic year. To be considered for federal financial aid for summer, you must have a current year FAFSA (the one used to award the preceding fall and spring semesters) on file.

In addition to the FAFSA, a USC Financial Aid Summer Application is required each summer. The application is available on SSC beginning April 1. The priority deadline to complete the application is May 1. Because of compressed time frames for summer, our office must adhere to strict application deadlines. After June 1 when the application is removed from the web, requests for summer financial aid are considered exceptions.

For more complete assistance in applying for summer school financial aid, click here for our Summer Financial Aid Checklist.