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Flex Meal Plans

If you have a problem or do not have access to a computer, call the CarolinaCard office at 803-777-1708 and they will be glad to assist you.

Commuter, Upperclassmen, Fraternity and Sorority Members

Flex plans are perfect for students whose class/work/social schedules have them eating meals at non-traditional hours. Your Flex Plan operates as a debit card account, with which you have a designated amount of Flex Dollars to spend per semester. All Flex Plans are comprised of a base cost and a balance of Flex Dollars.

The Flex Plan has Flex Dollars which can be used at any time, any day an on-campus restaurant is open.  PLUS whenever you are in an on-campus restaurant every al la carte food purchase is half-off! That's right, Flex Plan holders receive a 50 percent discount in on all food purchases including our national brands (i.e. Burger King, Chick-fil-A, Einstein Bros Bagels, Taco Bell/Pizza Hut) and at our all-you-can-eat on-campus restaurant.

Most people don't eat in our on-campus restaurants for every meal, so the Mega Flex Plan is designed to cover approximately 12 meals per week throughout the semester, the Major Flex Plan provides about 10 meals and the Minor Flex about 5 meals per week depending on a student's purchasing habits.


Meal Plan Calculator

Undecided which meal plan is best for you?  No worries. Here is our Meal Plan Calculator which can help guide you to making your choice.  Eat Happy!

Meal Plan Snapshot (2013-14 Pricing)

Meal Plan Options Traditional Preston Flex Meals ***
21 swipes-per-week plan $1,479 $1,761   336
16+ swipes-per-week-plan3 $1,503 $1,799   256
14 swipes-per-week plan2 $1,378 $1,662   224
Mega Flex Plan     $1,488 224**
Major Flex Plan     $1,413 160**
10 swipes-per-week plan1 $1,262 $1,563   160
5 swipes-per-week plan $740      80
Minor Flex     $752  80**
4 swipes-per-week plan3 n/a $   686*    64

                                                              1 Required minimum for on-campus freshman including Preston Residential College freshmen.

                                                               2 Required for Bates House Residents 

                                                               3 Includes additional $100 that can be used in addition to your meal swipes.
                                                               * Required for upperclassmen in Preston Residential College.   

                                                                **Dependent on student's purchasing habits.
                                                                ***May vary. Based on 16-week semester.


Important Info

Flex Dollars*

Flex Meal plans have Flex Dollars associated with the plans. The Mega plan has $505 Flex Dollars which is approximately 12 meals a week, the Major plan has $430 Flex Dollars which is approximately 10 meal per week and the Minor plan is $247 which is approximately 5 meals per week.   Flex dollars can be accessed by using your CarolinaCard when you purchase food and beverages in the on-campus restaurants. Each time you access your Flex account, it will be debited for the amount of your purchase (with the 50% discount) and the remaining balance will appear on your receipt.

The Flex Dollars are used to pay for food and beverages purchased in the dining facilities, with a substantial discount because the base costs are covered. Flex Plan holders receive a 50 percent discount in our on-campus restaurants. Since Flex Dollars are only accepted in Carolina Dining Services on-campus restaurants, parents and guardians can be sure that this money will be spent only on food and beverages. Flex Dollars received with the purchase of a Flex plan must be used by the end of each semester. 

Eat Happy Rewards

Being on a meal plan just got better! Each week Carolina Dining will be rewarding students for being on a meal plan. Take a look at a few of the WINS for being on a meal plan.

Flex Burn

Worried about having Flex Dollars left over at the end of the semester? No worries!
During the week before exams, Carolina Dining will hold a "Flex Burn" where they will have "sizzling" specials where you can use your remaining Flex Dollars to purchase items in bulk or individually to use on-campus or take home for the break.

Flex Dollar Renewal

During a semester, once the Flex Dollars are exhausted, students may deposit funds in their Flex Dollar Account and continue taking advantage of your 50% discount at participating Carolina Dining locations. Flex Dollars can be added to your Flex Dollar Account with a minimum deposit of $10 and a maximum per plan as follows:

Minor Flex - maximum deposit of $130.00 per semester

Major Flex  - no maximum deposit per semester

Mega Flex- no maximum deposit per semester

Balances remaining in the Flex Dollar Account from any Flex Dollar renewals at the end of a semester will be moved automatically to your Carolina Cash account. Visit the CarolinaCard Office to make a deposit Monday through Friday, 8:30am-5pm.   

*All Flex Plans are comprised of a base cost and a balance of Flex Dollars.  The base cost covers Utilities, maintenance, repairs, and the labor needed to support the food service program.