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The Graduate School and SACS Accreditation standards require that all graduate students who will be newly appointed Teaching or Instructional Assistants (GTAs/IAs) during the 2014-2015 academic year must participate in a two-part training program that includes: (1) TA/IA Orientation, and (2) GRAD 701, a semester-long course on teaching assistant development.

  • Teaching and Instructional Assistant Orientation
2014 TA Orientation

TA Orientation Workshops

  • New GTA/IAs must attend two TA Orientation Workshops A and B, offered every August and January, prior to their first semester of undergraduate instructional responsibilities.
  • New GTA/IAs must make every effort to attend TA Orientation. For students with extreme circumstances preventing attendance at any of the TA Orientation dates. Please contact the TA Training Program Manager, Dr. Michelle L. Hardee: hardeem@mailbox.sc.edu or 803-777-1975.

Workshop A TA Training Information Flyer, Fall 2014

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TA Training FAQ

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