Graduate Teaching Assistant


The Graduate School and SACS Accreditation standards require that all graduate students who will be newly appointed Teaching or Instructional Assistants (GTAs/IAs) during the 2014-2015 academic year must participate in a two-part training program that includes: (1) TA/IA Orientation, and (2) GRAD 701, a semester-long course on teaching assistant development.

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  • For questions concerning TA Orientation or GRAD 701, contact:

  • Dr. Michelle L. Hardee, Program Manager,, or 803-777-1975
  • For questions concerning International students and English testing requirements, contact:

  • International Student Services (ISS) iss@sc.eduor

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Graduate Teaching and Instructional Assistant Training, Spring 2015

All graduate students who will be newly appointed Graduate Teaching or Instructional Assistants (GTAs / IAs) in Spring 2014 are required to participate in TA Training, which consists of two parts:

  • TA/IA Orientation, and
  • A semester-long course on teaching assistant development, GRAD 701.

These are described below.

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Part 1: TA/IA Orientation

  • Attend two three-hour workshops, A and B, introducing graduate students to teaching at USC.
  • Students can attend workshops on any day and in any order, but must attend one of each.

Spring 2015 TA Orientation Workshops

William-Brice Nursing Bldg.





9am - 12pm A B
1pm - 4pm B A

TA Orientation Workshop A


  • FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Policies)
  • University policies
  • Discrimination and sexual harassment
  • Dealing with low-to-high risk behavior (CHDC, BIT, USC Police)
  • University resources

TA Orientation Workshop B


  • Teaching preparation and first day tips
  • Workload management
  • Establishing the teacher-student relationship
  • Engaging students
  • Grading objectively
  • Classroom challenges
  • Veteran TA panel


ATTENTIONStudents must make every effort to attend the workshops.
Students who miss Orientation must contact the CTE at 777-1975.



Part 2: GRAD 701

Teaching Assistant Development Course

  • Formalized professional training course required during or before the first semester of teaching.
  • Students must register for either GRAD 701, Teaching Assistant Development or an equivalent course offered by their academic unit that has been approved by the Graduate School.

GRAD 701: Teaching Assistant Development

  • 1-semester, zero-credit course (no tuition), pass-fail grading.
  • Registration for GRAD 701 occurs through during USC’s open registration (see registration and information link below).
  • Students are required to participate in a minimum of four professional development activities (two of which may be online), which can be tailored to the student’s specific type of instruction: instructor of record, laboratory assistant, recitation leader, discussion leader, grader, or student-designed track.
  • A wide variety of activities are provided to fulfill this requirement: GRAD 701-specific sessions, general CTE Workshops and other academic unit instructional workshops. (As approved by the TA Training Program Manager)
  • Satisfactory course completion requires submission of a reflection activity assignment for each of the four activities in which the student participated.
  • Course administration and submission of assignments occurs via Blackboard.
  • GTA/IAs who do not complete the course requirements will be assigned an “Unsatisfactory”(Failing) grade which will be permanently recorded on their transcript.

701- Equivalent Departmental Courses:

  • Certain departments offer official instructional training courses that can be used in lieu of GRAD 701, to fulfill this portion of the TA Training requirement.
  • The Graduate School has approved the following departmental courses as GRAD 701-equivalent:  EDCE 830, EDHE 738, ENGL 691, FORL 776, HRTM 798, JOUR 805, PHIL 790, SLIS 804, SPTE 810.
  • Special sections of GRAD 701 have been designated for units who have specialized TA Training programs approved as equivalent to GRAD 701 requirements but do not wish to develop a new course: School of Business MACC GIAs (Section 003), English Department Writing Center GIA Tutors (004), CHEM 701 GIAs (005), and English Discussion Leader TAs (006).
  • Registration for either the departmental equivalent or special section GRAD 701 course occurs through during open registration.

To register for GRAD 701 go to:

Self Service Carolina

Grad 701 Section registration restrictions:

  • 001: All Departments
  • 002: All Departments
  • 003: School of Business MACC GIA's only
  • 004: Writing Center GIA Tutors only
  • 005: Chemistry GIA's only
  • 006: English Discussion Leaders only