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Faculty Experts: Center for Child and Family Studies

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Dana D. DeHart: violent crime, victimization, victim services, service collaboration, incarcerated women and girls, program evaluation, qualitative methods
Cynthia Flynn: adolescent adoption, permanence for foster youth
Johnny M. Jones: administration and organization of human services, child welfare outcomes
Kathy Paget: early childhood assessment, early childhood education, character education
Sandra J. Altshuler: child welfare, child well-being, educational success for at-risk youth, youth/people with disabilities, youth living in foster care

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Business law: David Linnan
Adolescent adoption: Cynthia Flynn
Character education: Kathy Paget
Child welfare outcomes: Johnny M. Jones, Sandra J. Altshuler
Child well-being: Sandra J. Altshuler
Early childhood assessment: Kathy Paget
Early childhood education: Kathy Paget
Educational success for at-risk youth: Sandra J. Altshuler
Foster youth and permanence: Cynthia Flynn
Incarcerated women and girls: Dana D. DeHart
Program planning and evaluation: Dana D. DeHart
Qualitative and quantitative analysis: Dana D. DeHart
Service collaboration: Dana D. DeHart
Victimization and victim services: Dana D. DeHart
Violent crime: Dana D. DeHart
Youth living in foster care: Sandra J. Altshuler
Youth/people with disabilities: Sandra J. Altshuler