Bob Lowder

Technology Solutions Coordinator, Creative Services


Office: War Memorial

Bob is a graduate of the School of Liberal Arts at USC and majored in Advertising Design and Studio Arts. After graduating from USC, he worked for the SC Arts Commission for five years. His first years were spent as a traveling, teaching potter and printmaker, and later years as a print designer in the communications and public relations department.

While employed as a designer at the University, he enrolled at USC and later Midlands Technical College studying computer science. Bob studied Basic, Fortran, Cobol and Assembler at the time and as user interfaces and computer systems evolve the software and tools of the profession have changed. He now produces webpages, video projects, e-mail blasts, print production and other multi-media projects.

"I appreciate the tools behind the arts. I loved building ceramic kilns, mixing glazes, and building silk screen frames! New communications methods means new tools and I guess I like working with new technology tools."

Hobbies: Photography and wood construction projects involving TOOLS!