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Carolina Core Committee and Specialty Team Chairs

The Carolina Core Committee is composed of faculty from across all colleges and schools with undergraduate programs, as well as representatives from the Regional campuses and from the Division of Student Affairs and the Department of Academic Support.

Specialty Teams oversee course proposals and program assessment in their content areas. Faculty from many disciplines staff the Specialty Teams.

The committee meets twice each semester. View committee meeting times and minutes.

Carolina Core Committee Co-Chairs
  • Joseph Rackers (Faculty Co-Chair)
    Associate Professor of Piano, School of Music
  • Helen Doerpinghaus (Administrative Co-Chair)
    Professor, Moore School of Business
    Senior Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Carolina Core Committee Members
  • Arts and Sciences
    Mary Ann Byrnes
    Assistant Dean for Administration, College of Arts and Sciences

    James Kellogg
    Professor, Earth and Ocean Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences

    Brian Habing (803-777-3578)
    Associate Professor, Statistics, College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee Chair
  • Business, Moore School of
    Brian Shelton
    Associate Director, Undergraduate Programs, Moore School of Business

  • Computer Science and Engineering
    Manton Matthews
    Professor and Chair of Computer Science and Engineering, College of Engineering
    and Computing
  • Education
    Rob Dedmon
    Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Student Affairs, College of Education
  • Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management
    Andy Gillentine
    Professor and Associate Dean, Sport and Entertainment Management, College of Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
  • Mass Communications and Information Studies
    Ken Campbell
    Associate Professor, School of Journalism and Mass Communications
  • Libraries
    Karen Brown
    Reference Librarian, Thomas Cooper Library
  • Nursing
    Susan Beverung
    Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Clinical Assistant Professor, College of Nursing
  • Pharmacy
    Alfred Moore
    Student Services Manager, College of Pharmacy
  • Public Health, Arnold School of
    Sara Corwin
    Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Affairs and Clinical Associate Professor, Arnold School of Public Health
  • Regional Campuses and Extended University
    Ron Cox
    Associate Professor, History, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, USC Lancaster

    Chris Nesmith (803-777-8155)
    Assistant Professor, English, Director of the Evening Program, Extended University
  • S.C. Honors College
    Kimberly Simmons
    Associate Professor, Anthropology and African American Studies, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Social Work
    Daniel Freedman
    Undergraduate Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor, College of Social Work
  • Student Affairs and Academic Support
    Pam Bowers
    Associate Vice President, Student Affairs & Academic Support, Assessment

    Gene Luna
    Associate Vice President, Student Affairs
Specialty Team Chairs (organized by Carolina Core Learning Outcome)
  • Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding
    Mary Robinson
    Associate Professor, Studio Art, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Analytical Reasoning & Problem-Solving
    David Hitchcock
    Associate Professor, Statistics, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Effective, Engaged, and Persuasive Communication - Speech
    Pat Gehrke
    Professor, English, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Effective, Engaged, and Persuasive Communication - Written
    Chris Holcomb
    Associate Professor, English Language and Literature, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Information Literacy
    Sam Hastings
    Professor, Director, School of Library and Information Sciences
  • Global Citizenship and Multicultural Understanding
    • Foreign Language
      Francisco Sanchez

      Professor, Languages, Literatures and Cultures, College of Arts and Sciences
    • Historical Thinking
      Adam Schor
      Assistant Professor, History, College of Arts and Sciences
    • Social and Behavioral Sciences
      Shelley Smith (803-777-3123)
      Associate Professor, Undergraduate Program Director, Sociology,
      College of Arts and Sciences
  • Scientific Literacy
    Camelia Knapp
    Associate Professor, Geological Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Values, Ethics, and Social Responsibility
    George Khushf
    Professor, Philosophy, College of Arts and Sciences
Carolina Core Committee Ex-Officio Members
  • Kristia Finnigan (803-777-6727)
    Academic Programs Director - Office of the Provost
  • Kathleen Kirasic (803-777-2539)
    Faculty Senate Curricula and Courses Committee Chair
    Associate Professor, Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences
  • August Grant (803-777-4464)
    Faculty Senate Chair
    Professor, Journalism, College of Information and Communications
  • Nicole Spensley (803-777-1098)
    Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Office of Institutional Assessment and Compliance

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