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Crime Alert

A CRIME ALERT has been posted to the USC Division of Law Enforcement and Safety's website

Type of Alert:
Assisting Other Agency ? Sexual Assault / Kidnapping

Date and Time:
April 14, 2012 around 2:45 a.m.

5 Points Area

Suspect Information:
Sex: Male
Race: White
Vehicle: Blue Taxi Cab
Weight: Skinny
Other: Beard

At approximately 2:45 a.m., a student took a cab from 5-points to her residence. Before being dropped off, the taxi driver solicited her to perform sexual acts on him. The victim refused, and the taxi driver would not bring her back to her residence. He continued to drive her around and attempted to physically force her to perform sexual acts on him. When she again refused, the driver took her back to her residence and left the area. The subject was described as a skinny, white male with a beard driving a blue cab. The victim was not physically injured. The case is being investigated by the Columbia Police Department.

Members of the Carolina Community are encouraged to report suspicious persons or any related crime tips to law enforcement, or CRIMESTOPPERS at 1-888-CRIME-SC. To send anonymous tips via text or online, go to

Safety Tips:
- Have a plan before going out. Make sure your friends know not to leave you alone or let you leave anywhere with someone other than the friends you came with. Stay in a group as much as possible.

- Call 911 if a driver diverts from a normal route back to your residence. If you cannot speak, dial 911 and leave the line open to allow the dispatcher to hear what is going on at your location.

- If possible, let a friend know you are leaving and when you expect to arrive home.

- The University has and encourages the use of several available shuttle services for transportation to and around campus such as the Evening Shuttle, Late Night Shuttle, APO, and others. Please go to for more information.

- If you feel unsafe or see suspicious activity or persons, seek safety in a well-populated area or building and call the police immediately by dialing 911.

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