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Crime Alert

A CRIME ALERT has been posted to the USC Division of Law Enforcement and Safety's website

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Date Post:
February 8, 2012

Several members of our community have received emails that are a known phishing attack impersonating tax preparation companies (i.e.: INTUIT, INC). Please be aware of these attacks and be suspicious of e-mails that are unsolicited.

Tips to Avoid Falling Victim to Phishing:
- Do not share your password or any other personal information
- Do not open suspicious e-mails
- Never reply to spam or phishing e-mails
- Call to verify the source of an e-mail

It is imperative that you not open attachments or follow any of the links in these emails.

For more information from UTS regarding phishing and other email security threats, please review the information provided at the following links.

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