Spur Connections - No Show Policy

A Spur Connections “No Show” is defined as someone who: arranges an information interview or job shadowing experience with a mentor in the Spur Connections database; BUT
cancels in less than 48 hours prior to the interaction; OR
• does not report to the scheduled information interview / job shadowing interaction.

First violation of the No-Show & Cancellation Policy: Students will be given 24 hours following the scheduled "event" date to write a letter of apology and explanation to the mentor. Students must email this directly to the mentor using the subject line “letter of apology/explanation” and must copy knopfk@mailbox.sc.edu in the Career Center. If preferred, students can submit two copies of this letter to Kristin Knopf in the Career Center with a stamped envelope that is addressed to the mentor. If no letter has been written within 24 hours, the student’s JobMate account will be suspended until the letter is written.

Second violation of the No-Show & Cancellation Policy: A student’s JobMate account will be set to “inactive” status for the remainder of the academic year.

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