On-Campus Recruiting

On-campus recruiting is the process by which employers work with the Career Center to interact with current students and alumni at the University of South Carolina regarding potential employment opportunities.  Most on-campus recruiting activity is managed through Handshake.

Handshake is an online database the Career Center uses to provide students/alumni information about employers, open positions, interview dates and events hosted by the Career Center.  Students/alumni are strongly encouraged to create a Handshake account and keep the account information updated. 

Employers search Handshake to find candidates that they would like to interview.  Students/alumni are also able to search Handshake to find opportunities of interest. 

All on-campus recruiting activity is available to students and alumni free of charge.

Following is an overview of several ways students/alumni can connect with employers who are interested in hiring USC students/alumni though our on-campus recruiting program:

Job Postings
Employer Directory
Resume Referrals
On-Campus Interviews
Information Sessions
Job Fairs

Job Postings - Whether an employer plans to visit campus or not, available employment opportunities are posted online in Handshake Handshake provides you with access to part-time and full-time positions, as well as internship, co-op, graduate assistantship and seasonal positions.  

Employer Directory - All employers who work with the USC Career Center have a profile in our employer directory, even if not currently advertising a specific position.  The employer directory is accessible through Handhsake and allows you to easily search for employers by name, location or industry.  This information is particularly helpful for identifying potential employers in a given industry or location.

Resume Referrals - When establishing an account in Handshake, you have the opportunity to upload your resume into the database and make it accessible for employers to review.   In some cases the Career Center further assists employers with identifying the resumes of students/alumni who meet their qualifications.

On-Campus Interviews - Many employers who recruit USC students schedule interview dates where they can conveniently interview students on campus in Career Center interview rooms. (Alumni are also able to participate.) All on-campus interview opportunities are advertised in Handshake.  Most on-campus interviews have an application deadline four weeks in advance of the scheduled interview date and involve an employer review and selection process.  You may apply for these opportunities through Handshake by uploading your resume, and you will be notified through Handshake if you have been selected to sign up for an interview.  Signing up for an interview time slot also occurs in Handhshake.  The attire for on-campus interviews is business professional (suits, dresses, button-down shirts/tie, etc). Review the Career Center's Handshake Integrity Statement & Guidelines for Use and the Handshake No Show & Cancellation Policy.

Information Sessions - Many employers provide the opportunity for students/alumni to attend a 1-2 hour presentation during which they overview their culture, hiring processes, employment opportunities, benefits and more.  Information sessions provide you with the opportunity to learn detailed information that you might not have time to discuss in an interview or at a job fair, and also give you the opportunity to have a personal interaction with an employer in an informal setting.  Often employers hosting information sessions plan to conduct on-campus interviews the following day, but some do not.  Students/alumni who have scheduled an interview with a company are strongly encouraged to attend the information session, but this is not required.  In addition, you may attend any information session regardless of whether you have been invited to interview with that employer or not.  All information sessions are advertised in Handshake and you are encouraged, although not required, to RSVP in advance.  The attire for information sessions is business casual, but dressing business professional is recommended for those who wish to make a more positive first impression.

Job Fairs - The Career Center hosts several job fairs annually to recruit students/alumni for full-time, part-time, internship and co-op positions. For an up-to-date listing of upcoming fairs, please see our job fairs page.

All job fairs are advertised in Handshake.  It is important for students/alumni to log into Handshake to review a list of employers registered to attend each fair, as well as the details on the specific positions for which each employer is recruiting students.  The attire for job fairs is business professional (suits, dresses, button-down shirts/tie, etc).