Handshake Integrity Statement & Guidelines for Use

Integrity Statement

The initial tenet of the Carolinian Creed, referencing students’ obligation to uphold a code of civilized behavior, states, “As a Carolinian, I will practice personal and academic integrity.” When conducting a job search or interviewing with employers your display of ethical behavior and professionalism may be perceived by employers as an indicator of your performance as an employee. Unprofessional student/alumni actions may harm both the Career Center’s and the University’s relationship with employers, which can ultimately deny student/alumni opportunities.

Professional & Ethical Behavior Guidelines

  • Knowing, understanding, and in full, appreciating all possible risks, I hereby voluntarily and willingly assume all risks associated with my participation in this program.
  • I agree to release and hold harmless the University of South Carolina for consequences resulting directly or indirectly from or in any manner arising out of, or in connection with, my participation in this program.
  • I agree that I am participating in this program for meaningful, professional, career exploration and networking purposes and not for solicitation or any other purpose.
  • I agree to provide accurate representation of information in my Handshake profile, resumes, applications/interviews and all correspondence with employers.
  • I agree to be professional in my interactions with employers, which includes attending and being punctual for events and interviews for which I signed up, appearing professional in dress and demeanor, and following through with commitments and correspondence in a timely manner.
  • I understand that this includes sending thank you letters/emails as appropriate.  I am aware that I can contact the Career Center for resources to assist me in developing professional behaviors.
  • For my safety, I agree to meet with employers in public places, to be selective in providing my personal contact information, and to report any suspicious activity immediately to the Career Center.
  • If I feel that I have been subjected to discrimination or harassment, I will report my concerns to the Career Center and will be assisted in taking steps to respond to the situation.  I understand that I may also directly contact USC's Office of Equal Opportunity Programs or Office of Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention & Prevention if I feel that this is appropriate.
  • I understand that the Career Center has the right to inactivate my account and participation in the program if I am found to be in violation of these Guidelines or the Career Center's No Show & Cancellation Policy.

Offer Acceptances

It can be damaging to your professional reputation to accept an internship or job offer and then renege on the offer.  When you accept a position in good faith, the professional approach to the job search is to:

  • notify other companies for which you are an active candidate that you have accepted another offer;
  • withdraw from the recruiting process in JobMate (interview schedules, externships, etc.);
  • notify the Career Center's Recruiting Coordinator of your internship/job acceptance;
  • Complete the Career Center’s Annual Graduation Survey for full-time hires or Report Your Hire for Internships & Co-op positions.

For more information about ethical recruiting practices, review NACE's Playing Fair - Your Rights & Responsibilities as a Job Seeker.

Avoiding Job Scams

The Career Center at the University of South Carolina reviews every job posting for legitimacy, but on occasion, something made to be deceptive can be difficult to detect until we hear from a student who has had a bad experience. It is important for you to know how to distinguish legitimate job postings from scam attempts, and what to do if you become a victim. If your instincts tell you it’s suspicious, it probably is.  Please review our tip sheet on Avoiding Job Scams and report any issues of concern to the Career Center immediately.