Finding Part-time Jobs On and Off Campus

Use Handshake, the Career Center’s online integrated job search resource center, to find current part-time job openings both on and off campus.  Note that some part-time jobs off campus can be quite close to campus.

In addition, the following USC departments have historically hired students for part-time positions not requiring a work-study award.  For work-study positions, go to the Office of Student Financial Aid.

USC Housing employs both Desk Assistants and Office Assistants. For Desk Assistants, fill out an application For Office Assistants, contact any of the different Housing or call 777-4283 for a list of the departments to try.
There is no information on the website about employment.  Walk in to ask for an application.
No information about jobs on the website.  Simply contact the Coliseum
Print out an application even if there are no part-time jobs posted and indicate you are seeking part-time work.  Students are hired part-time to work events.

Pick up application from UTS for computing technician position..
Hires Tutors & Supplemental Instruction Leaders. 
Contact Student Success Center for more details and how to apply.
This department hires students to tutor athletes.
Students are employed as Campus Safety Officers in paid positions to work 20 hours per week at a minimum.  Students are hired for this position only before the fall semester and attend a meeting to begin the process.  Check for a link about the position on the department's website in late summer. For other part-time jobs during the rest of the year, contact the department.