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The mission of the University of South Carolina Career Center is to educate and empower students in their development of lifelong career management skills.

In your role as faculty or staff, chances are that students approach you with questions related to choosing majors, finding internships, applying to graduate school, or landing jobs. This page presents information you need to make effective referrals to our programs and services. If you can't find what you are looking for here, feel free to contact us. We look forward to assisting you and your students.

How does the Career Center help students? What services does the Career Center offer?

We help students:
Decide it - Decide on a major and career path
Experience it - Obtain internships and career-related work
Live it - Live out career goals by obtaining full time work or preparing for graduate school

Overview of Services
What's happening now? Where is the Career Center and what are the hours of operation?


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SET (Science, Engineering and Technology)

Pharmacy Day


Locations and hours of operation

Career Peer Educator Hours

Virtual Tour - Close Building Site & Engineering & Computing Site

Do you have tip sheets for faculty and staff? What are common resources for students?

Helping your students prepare for a Job Fair

Four Year Student Plan
Tip Sheets
Web Resources
Choosing a Major/Career
Resume/Letter Writing & Interviewing
Finding Jobs & Internships
Preparing for Professional/Graduate School
Who Recruits at USC

How can I write a strong letter of reccomendation? How can I request a presentation?


NACE - Tips for Providing References
NACE - Sample Faculty Reference Letter



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What should I do if an employer contacts me? How can I get an employer to come speak in my class?

Answer Employer Question

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