Where are You in the Career Decision-Making Process?

Directions:  Within the four-step career decision-making process, consider the following statements to help you determine where you need to spend additional time and energy in making/affirming a good career decision.  Put a check mark by those statements that are true for you.  The remaining statements without check marks are areas where you need to spend additional time and effort.  The suggested resources may be helpful to you in those areas.

1. Who am I?

I can clearly state my interests, those activities and areas that I like and enjoy.
I know the types of activities and the school subjects where I can be successful.
I know skill areas where I need additional practice.
I can name three to five job/career characteristics such as salary, location, advancement, etc. that will be important to me after college.
I know what types of work activities I prefer – working with people, organizing/analyzing data, creating ideas, doing hands-on and practical activities, or some combination.  I can cite specific examples from my previous experiences that support my preference.
I have insight regarding how my family members or other significant people have influenced my possible career direction.
2. What's out there?
I know the majors/minors offered at the University of South Carolina and how they could help me reach my occupational goals.
I know how to research occupations/career fields that interest me.
I am aware of the career fields that will offer the most work opportunities in the next five to ten years.
I know the major employers and types of work opportunities in the areas where I would prefer to live after graduation.
I have good information about the occupations/career fields that interest me.
3. How do I fit?
I can name three to five occupations/career fields that interest me. 
I have a good understanding of how my interests, skills, values, and personality fit occupations that interest me.
I can explain my career choice to others, especially if they are not supportive of my career choice.
4. What's my plan?
I am clear about the major/minor I need to choose to pursue occupations that interest me.
I know the academic requirements for my potential major/minor.
I have a realistic GPA goal.
I know whether or not the career fields that I am considering will require additional education/training beyond a 4-year bachelor's degree
I know about the types of career-related work experiences – internships, part-time jobs, cooperative education experiences, summer jobs, etc. – that will best assist me in reaching my career goals.
I have developed a timeline for getting career-related work experience.
I have identified student organizations or other co-curricular activities that will assist me in reaching my career goals.
I have a plan to develop leadership skills and assume leadership roles during the next four years.