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Support Capstone Scholars

The Capstone Scholars Program team works hard to provide an amazing experience for the Capstone Scholars at the University of South Carolina. Beyond the benefits of special classes, outside-the-classroom experiences, and the support of a dedicated staff, the Capstone Scholars Program invites parents and University of South Carolina Capstone Scholars alumni to join in the efforts of providing undergraduate research grants, study abroad grants, special program funding, and special resources for Capstone Scholars.

We want to offer this support fund as a way for you to leave your own legacy at the University of South Carolina and positively impact the education of the many Capstone Scholars at USC.

Please follow these steps to direct your gift to the Capstone Scholars Program:

  1. Visit www.giving.sc.edu
  2. Enter your gift amount in the "Give Today" box and click continue
  3. Select "I would like to choose from a list of areas to support"
  4. Select an Area of Interest: "Student Affairs and Academic Support
  5. Select a Designation: "University Student Support"
  6. Select a Designation Detail: "Capstone Scholars"
  7.  Complete the remaining information on the form

Thank you!