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International Business policies for Capstone Scholars

International Business Admissions Procedures for Capstone Scholars

The Capstone Scholars Program has a unique relationship with the Moore School of Business in regards to International Business majors. For all Capstone Scholars wishing to declare an International Business major, here is the policy for admission:

Immediate Admission

Granted to those students who checked International Business (IB) major box on their USC application and:

  • Are admitted into the Capstone Scholars Program AND have at least a 1360 SAT or 31 ACT

Capstone Provisional Admission

Granted to those students who checked IB major on their USC admission application and:

  • Do not have at least a 1360 SAT or 31 ACT
  • Are admitted into the Capstone Scholars Program
  • Once at USC,
    • Achieve at least a 3.8 USC GPA on 30 hours or more at USC
    • Completed at least two college courses in Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, or Russian
    • Commit to meeting the advanced foreign language requirement in this language
    Students who meet these qualifications do not compete with other applicants. They are admitted directly into the major based on the criteria above.

Competitive Admission

Application process where students apply in the spring semester of their sophomore year and must have a minimum 3.5 USC GPA.

Admission Committee reviews each student for: USC GPA, grades in business courses, language level, selected language for advanced study, personal statement/essays, clearly articulated career goals, resume/other achievements, eligibility to study abroad (i.e., University conduct record).


Additionally, Capstone Scholars who are IB majors have the chance to take part in the International Business & Chinese Enterprise (IBCE) program. See the FAQs concerning the IBCE program here as well as a presentation about the program here.