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Capstone Scholars Fellows

The Capstone Fellows Program recognizes Capstone Scholars who go above and beyond the minimum expectation with a high honor and special designation on their transcript. Points are awarded for active engagement in our community. A student's point total becomes important in pursuit of Capstone Fellows status. Below are the many ways your Capstone and USC involvement can help you earn Fellows status.


To report your volunteer service this semester, please complete this form: Service (You will need to upload a signed verification form as well, which can be accessed HERE.

To report a Personal Challenge experience, please complete this form: Personal Challenge

To report additional Leadership experiences, please complete this survey: Leadership Form

To check your points:
1. Log into Blackboard
2. On the left hand side, look under "Tools"
3. Click on the "My Grades"
4. Click on the "Capstone Scholars Fall 20xx"
Each completed "Expectation" will be marked with a check when the student has fulfilled it. The next several rows down are the point totals for each pillar (Academic, Social, Service and Leadership) as well as the Fall 2013 total and the Grand Total. Please keep in mind that there is delay in updating the points as data entry is time consuming.

You are responsible for tracking your involvement as well. If you feel that your point totals are incorrect, please send a list of events attended to Assistant Principal Erin Wilson at erin.wilson@sc.edu for verification.

To become a Capstone Scholars Fellow students must:

  • Obtain at least 40 Capstone Points
  • Complete each of the four minimium requirements each semester
  • Complete UNIV101 or equivalent with a B or higher
  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA
  • Remain in good judicial standing with the university
  • Complete an application

Benefits to becoming a Capstone Scholar Fellow include:

  • Notation on college transcript of Fellow status (exclusive to Capstone)
  • Capstone Scholars Fellows Honors Stoll at Graduation (available for purchase)
  • Ability to apply for a Passport Travel Grant if you have not done so before
  • Ability to apply for a Magellan Apprentice Research Grant and/or a second grant
  • Ability to apply for the Capstone Internship Program
  • Priority to live in Fellows House at 820 Henderson
  • Increased opportunity to become a U101 Peer Leader, University Ambassador, Capstone Ambassador, Orientation Leader and RM.



2012 Capstone Scholars Fellows