Dream big, impact the community, leave a legacy!


Capstone Benefits

Why join the Capstone Scholars family at the University of South Carolina? In a nutshell, you are provided significant support from the Capstone Scholars team who will be your “resource hub” at the University. Our primary focus is your experience outside of the classroom centered around our four pillars (Academics, Leadership, Social, and Service) and driven by our motto of “Dream big, impact the community, leave a legacy!”

We invite you to explore our website in more detail, but here are just a few benefits of being a Capstone Scholar at the University of South Carolina:

  • Housing in a tremendous living and learning community in the Capstone House or Columbia Hall buildings, being surrounded by like-minded students who not only know how to succeed in the classroom, but also make an impact outside the classroom through study abroad, research, leadership and service.
  • The dedicated Capstone Scholars Program team who strive to make the University of South Carolina seem a bit smaller. We are your support system and your cheerleaders. We know what it takes to be successful and enjoy your college experience and we aim to help you succeed! Our professional staff aids students in the undergraduate research process, assists with informal advising, coaches students to develop their leadership abilities, and always have our office doors open!
  • Special classes such as our nationally recognized University 101 sections, themed sections of English 101 and English 102, and 1-credit hour electives on topics such as leadership and service learning.
  • Unique study abroad experiences exclusive to Capstone Scholars! Each May a group of Capstone Scholars will spend two weeks at a destination that will be an experience of a lifetime. In recent years we have spent time in Ecuador, Italy, Greece, Japan, China, Peru, Iceland, Ghana, Spain & Morocco, Nicaragua, and Italy. Our upcoming programs will be heading to Seattle, Brazil, Nicaragua and Costa Rica!
  • $1,500- $2,000 Passport Travel Grants. Capstone Scholars can apply for these grants to offset the cost of the Capstone maymester or any other maymester/summer study abroad experience.
  • $1,000 undergraduate research grant known as the Magellan Apprentice. This Capstone-exclusive research grant can be used for salary or supplies. With the assistance of a faculty mentor, engage in research in an area of your own interest! Whether it be in the arts, medical field, business arena, physcologly...the sky is the limit!
  • As a highly social community, we host a series of social events like Hot Cookie Friday (very popular!) and Wednesday's at Gibbes. We firmly believe that you need to enjoy your time at the University, make connections with your peers and network with faculty and staff.
  • Interact with distinguished faculty and community leaders and engage in small group discussions related to current events through the bi-weekly News & Views events.
  • We provide opportunities for Capstone Scholars to impact the community through local service, such as mentoring a 6th grader through our Hand Middle School program. We also highly encourage and support students as they create their own service projects and ideas, giving you plenty of opportunities to leave your legacy.
  • The Study Shack is where most of our social events take place. It has a widescreen TV, games, wireless, etc. It is directly above our Capstone Scholars offices right next to the Capstone residence hall.

The Capstone Scholars program offers a variety of great ways to get involved and make this experience your own! As one student put it, "Capstone is a two year program but a four year investment!"