Research and Commercialization

The University of South Carolina is a leader in commercializing research and developing start-up companies through a technology incubator that has helped create more than 600 jobs since 1998.

In fact, an Association of University Technology Managers survey ranked South Carolina 19th among 155 comprehensive universities nationally and 14th among public universities for the number of start-up companies created in 2006. Its six start-ups tied the likes of Johns Hopkins, Cornell, and Northwestern.


Research and Economic Development The Research and Economic Development area seeks to improve the lives of others through innovative discovery in the humanities, technology, and the environmental, health, and social sciences.

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Innovista Innovista integrates public and private sector research in high-tech, high-density facilities. Unlike traditional gated suburban research campuses, Innovista seamlessly blends the University's main campus and the city's Vista district for a true live-work-play environment.

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Intellectual Property Office Resource specialties include identifying, protecting, marketing, licensing, transferring, and commercializing the University's intellectual property.

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University-Columbia Technology Incubator The incubator provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to commercialize their ideas; produce successful, financially viable, and freestanding businesses; and create hundreds of additional jobs in the community.

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