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Department Information

Miscellaneous Non-Student Invoices

The Bursar’s Office facilitates Miscellaneous Non-Student Billing functionality within Banner as a means for departments to bill non-USC customers for goods sold or services rendered "on account".

  • USC Department will create, print and mail official USC invoices to customers. USC Invoices are pre-numbered and available through the Cashier’s Office at 516 Main St.
  • Once completed, a copy of the invoice is sent to the Bursar’s Office Accounting and Reporting department and the charge will be recorded on the customer’s account.
  • The invoice directs the customer to mail their payment to the Cashier’s Office where the payment is applied to the appropriate invoice when received.
  • Monthly statements are mailed to the customer of the first of each month.
  • Invoices are considered past due at 90 days and the Bursar’s Office will communicate with the customer and USC Department by letter regarding the outstanding invoices.
  • At 6 months or 180 days, outstanding invoices are considered uncollectable and the invoice is charged back to the department. The customer and USC Department are notified by letter of the chargeback.

If your department will be billing outside USC entities, you will be required to complete training for Miscellaneous Invoicing through the Bursar’s Office. Please contact us at ARTrain@mailbox.sc.edu to schedule the necessary training. Training will provide complete instruction on the process and access to complete the invoicing process.

If your department is currently billing, you can find detailed information on the process in Miscellaneous Billing Procedures.

Mass Charge Upload

The Bursar's Office grants access to the appropriate USC Departments to complete a Mass Charge Upload to post charges to a Banner account.

Detailed information on the functionality can be found at Mass Charge Upload Procedures.


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