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Get part of your education outside the United States through USC's Study Abroad Program. Add an international adventure to your portfolio and explore a topic or language that may only be available by traveling overseas.

When you live and learn in another country, you'll gain firsthand awareness of diverse societies, cultures, political systems, business practices, languages and customs. You'll discover how your life resembles the lives of the amazing people you meet as you develop your critical thinking skills, improve your career prospects and refine your strategies for creating connections to others in our emerging global community.

Many scholarships and other forms of financial assistance available through USC also may apply toward study abroad opportunities. In addition, several low-cost options in different locations can make studying abroad possible for you.

1250 USC undergrads studied abroad in 2012-13

While most wait until their junior year, students from all backgrounds and class years choose to study abroad.

Study Abroad at USC

Study Abroad Website

For everything you need to know about study-abroad opportunities at USC, review the resources available through our Office of International Programs.

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Study Abroad Financial Assistance

Study Abroad Financial Assistance

Dream big and investigate ways to finance your amazing adventure!

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Overseas Study

Non-Traditional Overseas Options

See how you might use your international awareness to teach, volunteer, intern, work or conduct research around the world.

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