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Every discipline, every major, every program of study at USC offers opportunities for undergraduate research. With the guidance of faculty mentors, you can investigate the scholarly questions that arouse your curiosity. Dig deep into the topic of your choice as you integrate your classroom learning with your own innovative experiments.

Every Major Offers Research

At USC, we believe that every intellectual arena provides the environment for creatively exploring your interests. In addition to traditional research areas in science, technology and medicine, we encourage majors in the arts, humanities, music, theatre, education, business and others to thoroughly examine critical issues in their disciplines.

USC's Discovery Day

During our annual Discovery Day symposium, you and your peers can share your findings with the broader University community. In 2012, some of the research topics included:

  • Communicating for a Cause: South Carolina HIV/AIDS Council
  • Carbon Neutral Athletics: Reducing Our Carbon Footprint One Step At a Time
  • The Changing Faces of Communication Media
  • Locating the Knights of Malta in the 17th Century Caribbean
  • The Regalia for Hope Project: Providing Handmade Earrings for Female Cancer Patients to Champion Hope
  • Enhancing Natural Interaction Systems with Smartphones
  • The Teaching of Reconstruction in South Carolina: a Study of Current Practices in South Carolina's Public Schools
  • Effects of Music and Brain Stimulation On Mental Fatigue
  • The Connections Between Art and the Natural Beauty of Science

Learn Basic Research Skills

In our "Discover" class, you'll start the research process by learning the basic skills and abilities that can make you a valuable research assistant, including how to:

  • Create surveys.
  • Write research and field notes.
  • Network with faculty and peers.
  • Develop effective poster presentations or oral, creative and visual arts displays to share your findings.

Present Your Research via Voyager

The "Voyager" component of USC's Magellan Scholar Program provides support for undergraduates to present their research at regional, national and international meetings. You could be one of them, so consider getting involved today!

110 USC undergraduates receive research grants each year

Competitive Magellan Scholar grants for up to $3,000 support faculty-mentored undergraduate research projects; $2 million in awards has been disbursed since 2006.

USC's Office of Undergraduate Research

Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR)

Not sure how to get started in research and want to examine the possibilities? We have all the information you need to know to explore an intriguing topic in depth.

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USC's Discovery Day

Discovery Day

USC's annual event showcases research and scholarly activities conducted by you and your peers in and out of the classroom.

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Magellan Scholar

Magellan Scholar Program

Enrich your academic experience by creating your own faculty-mentored research opportunity.

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