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Risk Management and Insurance: What to Expect

The Risk Management and Insurance major in the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina focuses on the methods of developing financial protection against loss with emphasis on insurance principles, solving risk management problems, and socioeconomic security programs. The program is ranked tenth in the nation in the most recent US News and World Report ranking. As a Risk Management and Insurance major, you will develop cutting-edge business knowledge and develop a strong foundation in liberal arts and sciences. You will also gain global opportunities, cultural awareness, and language appreciation. At the University, you will benefit from continuously updated technology, award-winning faculty, a team environment, field trips to leading industries, and service-learning opportunities. Through internships, you will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the field.

The following courses fulfill some of the course requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Risk Management and Insurance:

  • Management of Risk and Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Property and Liability Insurance
  • Corporate Risk Management
  • Employee Benefits

A detailed list of degree requirements can be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Enhancing your Experience

Study Abroad allows you to earn academic credits toward your USC degree while seeing the world! Overseas study can complement any academic program or major. Business students have studied in a variety of locations including Italy, France, Japan, Mexico, Spain, England, Brazil, Austria, Sweden, Australia, and Argentina. Each summer, there are faculty-led study abroad programs offered in a variety of places including countries throughout Europe and Africa. Studying abroad will allow you to develop more advanced foreign language skills, take courses that may not be offered in the United States, and attend classes with students from all over the world. You will be able to develop an increased sense of independence and adaptability and expand your cultural awareness and understanding of lifestyles different than your own. You may also choose to intern, volunteer, or conduct research abroad. You are encouraged to visit the Study Abroad Web site for more information on opportunities to broaden and extend your knowledge and perspectives.
Student Organizations can be instrumental in helping you adjust to life on campus and network within your field. The University of South Carolina has a family of nearly 300 student organizations, including nearly 20 business and professional organizations within the Darla Moore School of Business. Some are honorary and by invitation, some are by election, and others are open to all students. The Carolina Risk Management and Insurance Club is a great student organization for Risk Management and Insurance majors to join. By participating in these organizations, you will have the opportunity to hear from speakers who have been successful in the business field as well as get involved in a wide variety of service projects. Getting involved in an organization that interests you can help you network, meet new friends, and develop leadership skills. You can also get involved in annual competitions, such as the Page Prize Competition, an annual competition to foster and reward curriculum innovation in the area of environmental sustainability. Get involved and find a student organization on campus that interests you!
Graduate School is one of many possibilities following graduation. Darla Moore School of Business graduates often continue their studies in top-ranked graduate programs at University of South Carolina. Many graduates attend law school or medical school.
Departmental Scholarships: Each year Darla Moore School of Business awards more than 50 scholarships to outstanding students.

Internship and Research Opportunities

Internships can be an important asset to your overall educational experience. Internship experiences often help you confirm your career interests, give you hands-on experience in a professional setting, help build your resume, reinforce what you've learned in class and can often lead to full-time employment. Likewise, pursuing professional research opportunities as an undergraduate student can also help enrich your academic experience while at the University. As an undergraduate student, you can work closely with faculty research mentors and explore a discipline that interests you. Both internship and research opportunities help you build a competitive edge in the job market.

As a USC student you will have numerous resources at your disposal to assist you with locating internship and research opportunities. The USC Career Center is the central location at USC for assisting students with internship preparation and finding an internship. In addition, be sure to visit your academic department as many programs offer supplemental internship guidance specific to your major. The Office of Undergraduate Research assists all USC undergraduates by providing research and scholarly experiences in their chosen fields.

Business majors at the University have had a wide range of exciting and unique internship opportunities. Students have interned at Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, Michelin, Deloitte and Touche, Target, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and 3M. Students have also participated in a variety of internships and research opportunities throughout the world.

Career Opportunities

Graduates with degrees in Risk Management and Insurance are often employed as underwriters in life, health, or property and casualty insurance industries; insurance brokers; investment analysts; risk managers for insurance companies and multinational corporations; and marketing representatives for companies in life, health, or property and casualty.

You can find more information about career options in the US Department of Laborís Occupational Outlook Handbook.

The USC Career Center offers numerous resources which provide more information about career opportunities for students in this major. Once admitted, a Career Development Coach is available to help you assess your interest areas, make decisions about your career path, and identify the experiences and skills that will help you accomplish your goals. Spur Connections will help you locate mentors from among USC alumni, employers and community members who can provide insights based on their careers and experiences. Early planning and preparation are keys to success.

About the Darla Moore School of Business

The Darla Moore School of Business has received numerous top academic and research rankings over the last several years. The Moore School’s undergraduate International Business Education program is ranked #1 according to U.S. News & World Report. Our professors are known for their excellence both as teachers and scholars. They work closely with their students, have won local and national teaching awards, and remain at the forefront of business. The Moore School blends fundamental coursework in the liberal arts and sciences with a strong business core to provide its students with a comprehensive education that prepares them for the global marketplace. Undergraduate students are able to specialize in one of nine programs of study: Accounting, Business Economics, Finance, Risk Management and Insurance, International Business, Management, Management Science, Marketing, and Real Estate.

Points of Pride

  • The Darla Moore School of Business has received numerous top academic and research rankings. Academic rankings include:
    • #1 in undergraduate International Business by U.S. News & World Report in its September 2012 annual survey “America’s Best Colleges Guide.”
    • #1 public university MBA program for International Business and #3 among all institutions in that specialty by U.S. News & World Report in its reputational survey of “America’s Best Graduate Schools 2011.”
    • #3 for ‘fastest return’ on an MBA student’s education investment by Business Week.
    • The Darla Moore School of Business faculty has also received top rankings including:
    • International Business faculty has been ranked #1 in research productivity by the Journal of International Business Studies.
    • Moore School faculty are ranked #1 of the top 50 U.S. universities and #2 of the top 50 universities worldwide in terms of total number of research articles published.

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