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In the classroom, in the laboratory, in the community and around the world, the 1,620+ full-time faculty at USC reflect the very best the University has to offer. And they're excited to share their enthusiasm for teaching, research and service with you.

Excellent Role Models

As caring mentors and guides, USC's faculty serve as role models for your professional aspirations and personal goals. From your classrooms in Columbia to research sites at locations across the globe, you'll benefit from the commitment to excellence embodied by our exceptional and dedicated faculty.

Encouraging Your Success

USC faculty members actively encourage you to examine your perspectives, challenge your own thinking and engage with your peers as you also develop professional colleagues. Under their guidance, you'll experience the world, surpass your own expectations and succeed in ways you never dreamed possible!

Faculty Profiles

Wally Peters, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering

84% Full-time USC faculty hold Ph.D.s

Beyond enthusiasm for classroom interactions with you, USC faculty members pursue a wide range of research, outreach and training opportunities, generating nearly $219 million in federal, state and private funding for fiscal 2010.

Majors at USC


With more than 75 academic degree programs in 15 colleges, you can explore your interests and discover your strengths at USC.

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Honors College

Build on your strong scholastic background with our challenging Honors College.

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University 101

Learn how to make the transition to college successfully, not stressfully.

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