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Thank you for submitting an application for Fall 2013 to the University of South Carolina-Columbia! We’re pleased you’re considering the University of South Carolina in your education plans.

How do you check on your credentials? If you’ve never logged into your account before, do the following:

  1. Read the e-mail you receive that prompts you to create your credentials check. This e-mail is sent from, and it contains something called a “WEB ID.” We recommend that you write down your WEB ID.
  2. Visit the Admissions Credentials URL listed in the e-mail:

  3. After getting to the Admissions Credentials Log In page, you must set your PIN. You will start this process by entering your Login ID, last name, and birth date.

  4. You will now create your PIN on the next screen:

  5. Finally, you will log in with your WEB ID (that number that started with a “Z”) and the PIN you just created. DO NOT click “First time user account creation” or “Return to Homepage.” Click Login.

  6. When you’re successfully logged in, you will see an Application in Menu. Click “Fall 2013” under “Received Applications” to see what we’ve received. Please note that transcripts usually are posted to a student’s file approximately 10-14 days after an application is received during periods of high mail traffic.


  1. I clicked “First time user account creation” and now see the following page. What do I do? You need click “Return to Homepage” and then click “University Admissions” to return to the login screen. You will need to log in again with your WEB ID and PIN you created.

  2. I accidentally clicked “Enter Secure Area” on the following screen, and it took me to a screen that said “User Login.” What do I do? Hit the back button on your browser and click “University Admissions.” You will need to log in again with your WEB ID and PIN you created.

  3. I lost the original e-mail that contained my WEB ID. How can I reset it? You must call the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 803-777-7700 and ask for a new WEB ID to be e-mailed to you.
  4. I forgot my PIN. Can you give it to me? If you know your WEBID, you can reset your PIN at


Click on the video below to view a brief click-through of the Credentials Check site for Fall 2013 applicants. For maximum quality, use the YouTube settings to view in high-definition (720p).