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University Technology Services

IT Plans

The UTS Strategic IT planning process was developed to provide a process for planning and communicating necessary activities in aligning UTS efforts in support of the strategic goals of the University.  Our goal is to clearly define objectives and assess both internal and external factors to formulate strategy, implement strategy, evaluate the progress, and make adjustments as necessary to remain on target.  This involves aligning our plans with that of the CIO’s Blueprint for Excellence initiative.  Directives and initiatives from the CIO’s plan are disseminated to leadership and become the first stage of the UTS planning process.  These strategic requirements and plans are further organized into UTS Quarterly Strategic Planning templates.  Plans are continuously reviewed for future requirements and new strategic ideas relating to new technologies, and other best practices that may provide strategic value based on a vision for improved Customer Services, or enhanced Operational Efficiencies.  Each area is evaluated and discussed in terms of identifying needs for change throughout the entire strategic planning process.  The Quarterly Plan for all areas within UTS are published every quarter to provide transparency into our goals and objectives in support of the mission of the University of South Carolina.