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Surgical precision

Biology and Pre-Veterinary major Elizabeth Pettit's dream has been to become a veterinarian. Multiple internships and a research opportunity with a faculty member have put her one step closer.

Find your fit

“I’ve always wanted to be a vet. I felt that at Carolina I would have so many opportunities to customize my academic and student life so that I could have my own unique experience.”

"As a Pre-Veterinary student, you can choose any major as long as you take the required prerequisites for veterinary school. I chose biology because it provided the most fitting path to get the courses I need."

Expand your options

As a freshman, Elizabeth was well aware of the importance of seeking beyond-the-classroom opportunities. Through her adviser, she found internships at two small animal hospitals, the Center for Birds of Prey in Charleston, S.C. and an equine hospital in Pennsylvania.

“I was also interested in study abroad opportunities, so my advisers helped me find a veterinary service trip to Panama, which was amazing. Looking back, I never would have had these experiences if I wasn’t comfortable asking my advisors and professors for help.”

Discover new approaches

“During my sophomore year, I took a course on ecology and evolution. I didn’t expect to be interested in the class because it wasn’t a subject I had studied before. I ended up being really interested in the material, and the professor even helped me pursue a research opportunity studying butterflies.”

“It was an experience that opened my eyes to a different aspect of veterinary science and helped me become more well-rounded.”

Prepare for the path ahead

Elizabeth has always had an interest in the surgical aspect of veterinary medicine and plans to eventually become a veterinary surgeon.

“The university has so many connections across the United States, and I think my most defining moment was when I realized I could use these connections to enhance my college experience.”

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