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Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Information for Waitlisted Students

Have you been offered a spot on the fall 2017 freshman class wait list? If so, please read below for answers to common questions:

Can you tell me a little more information about why I’ve been offered a spot on the wait list?

Admission is competitive and space is limited. This year, the University of South Carolina received more than 25,000 freshman applications for admission for approximately 5,000 spaces in the class.

How do I accept my spot on the wait list?

The only way to accept your spot  on the 2017 freshman class wait list is to submit the Wait List Response Form by April 1, 2017. All students offered a spot on the wait list will receive an email with instructions on how to access their online credentials check within one week of their letter being mailed.

If I accept a spot on the wait list, will you be able to tell me where I am? How likely is it that I will be admitted?

All students who submit the Wait List Response Form by April 1, 2017 will be given consideration should a space become available. We do not rank students on the wait list based on the submission date of the Wait List Response Form. If a space becomes available after May 1, we will review the wait list and offer admission to the most competitive applicant(s) based on their academic profile. In addition to an applicant's academic profile and space availability within the university, we also review space availability within a student's particular major. Please be advised that a student who is moved from the wait list may be asked to change their first-choice major if there is no longer space in it. 

When will I hear something about my status?

All students who submit the Wait List Response Form by April 1, 2017 will be considered should a space become available. We will update you about your status on the wait list by mid-May.

May I speak to someone about the wait list?

You are always welcome to contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to ask about admission requirements, but we will be unable to update you on your status on the wait list until the middle of May.

I’ve been admitted to another school. Should I hold off on submitting an enrollment deposit to another school?

Please make the best decision for you. At this time, we do not have additional information to give you regarding your fall admission status at USC. Please keep all options open.

If I am not offered a spot in the freshman class, I am interested in spring 2018 admission. Can you tell me more?

As a wait list student, you are given priority admission consideration for spring 2018, provided you submit the Wait List Reply Form by April 1. If you are ultimately not offered admission into the fall semester but would like to be considered for spring admission, we’ll confirm this with you in the summer and provide additional details about your next steps. Students who do not submit the Wait List Reply Form by April 1 forego their eligibility to be considered for the wait list or spring 2018 priority admission consideration.

Which majors may I be considered for in the spring semester?

All majors in all colleges and schools are available in the spring semester, with the exception of all majors in the Darla Moore School of Business. This is due to space limitations and/or course sequence requirements in these programs.

Am I a transfer student if I take college courses elsewhere this fall? Does that affect my priority enrollment for spring 2018?

Applicants who enroll in a college or university in the fall are classified as transfer students and must meet transfer admission requirements before enrolling. The University of South Carolina reserves the right to reconsider the acceptance for any student who does not meet admission requirements. Several majors require successful completion of a specific math course before a transfer student can be considered for admission. These majors include all engineering majors in the College of Engineering and Computing, and Mathematics and Statistics in the College of Arts and Sciences. If you are interested in the College of Nursing, you are required to submit your final fall semester grades before you can be considered for admission due to program selectivity and space limitations. For transfer admission requirements and specific math requirements, please visit the Requirements” section.

If I am not admitted into the fall freshman class, must I enroll at a college or university prior to enrolling in spring 2018?

If you do not attempt any college courses this summer or fall, your spring 2018 acceptance will be contingent upon receipt of your final academic transcript(s), after which we will verify that you have completed our minimum high school course requirements.