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Study Abroad Office

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Global Exchange Programs

PART 1: Initial Application

  • Log on to Symplicity and set a password.
  • Search for your program of choice.
  • Complete the online program application, which includes:
    • Essays
    • One Faculty Recommendation
  • Submit the following hard copies together to the Study Abroad Office:
    • Email confirmation that you completed the online application
    • Official transcript, either in the sealed envelope from the Registrar's Office or sent directly from the Registrar to
    • Email confirmation that you paid the $150 Study Abroad Fee
    • Printout of your results after completing online orientation (works best with Mozilla Firefox):
      1. Log into Blackboard and click on the "Community" tab
      2. On the left, under "Organization Search", type in "study abroad orientation"
      3. Click "Go". Blackboard will search and come back with the "Browse Organization Catalog" page. The "Study Abroad Orientation" organization will be listed under its ID of “STUDY-ABROAD-ORIEN”
      4. Hover over the organization ID to get the small gray action arrow to the right of the ID
      5. Click on the arrow, and select "Enroll"
      6. You will be required to add the access code to enroll. Type in the word "orientation".

PART 2: Upon Acceptance into Program

  • Pay the $500 deposit by following the link given to you on your Placement Acceptance Form
  • Submit the following hard copies to the Study Abroad Office:
    • Placement Acceptance Form (emailed to you by a Study Abroad advisor)
    • Host Institution Forms (emailed to you by a Study Abroad advisor)
    • Study Abroad Approval Form (will be given to you when you submit Part 1)
  • For students who receive financial aid (including scholarships and loans), submit the following directly to the Financial Aid Office:
  • Attendance of live Pre-Departure Orientation