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Student Affairs and Academic Support

Causerie Data Sheets

Our award-winning publication Causerie uses data, infographics and brief narratives to describe topics of institutional importance.

Year Topic   Keywords
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2017 Academic Integrity PDF academic integrity, honor code, cheating
2016 Mental Health PDF mental health, counseling, psychiatry, health, suicide
2016 Student Success Center PDF academic support, student success, tutoring, supplemental instruction
2015 Residential Learning PDF residential learning, housing, living and learning communities 
2015 Sophomores PDF second-year students 
2015 Gamecock Gateway PDF bridge program, gateway, transfers 
2014 Academic Misconduct PDF academic integrity, cheating, plagiarism, honor code 
2014 Successful Graduates PDF alumni survey, graduates, employability, placement 
2014  Fraternities and Sororities  PDF  greek life 
2014  Mental Health  PDF  suicide, stress, anxiety, depression, counseling, psychiatry 
2013 Class of 2017  PDF freshmen, first-year students 
2013  Student Retention PDF retention, persistence, graduation 
2012 Alcohol PDF alcohol, drinking, substance abuse, binge drinking 
2012 Class of 2016 PDF freshmen, first-year students