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Office of the Vice President for Research

Opportunities for Faculty

2014 RISE Recipients

The Office of the Vice President for Research is very pleased to recognize the 2014 RISE recipients from the University of South Carolina's Senior and Regional Campuses.

RISE, a competitive funding program, provides financial support for faculty working at USC's Senior and Regional campuses to conduct research and scholarly activities during the summer months. The Senior RISE awards are funded in collaboration with the Senior campus chancellors.

2014 USC Aiken recipients

Principal Investigator Title Campus
Richard Maltz Record 15,000 Days on Earth: A Fanfare for the New Millennium, and Symphony No. 2 'Monk', Two Original Orchestral Compositions USC Aiken
Keri Weed Perceptions of Pregnant and Parenting Teens USC Aiken
Natalia Bowdoin Information Needs and Information Seeking Behavior of Refugees from the Central African Republic Residing in the United States USC Aiken
April DeLaurier Making a Transgenic Reporter Line Using Species-homologous Promoters for the Cathepsin K Gene to Study How Osteoclasts Shape the Developing Zebrafish Skeleton USC Aiken
Matt Miller Claude McKay and Junot Diaz: Aesthetic Revisions of the Immigrant Novel USC Aiken
Laura Swain Affective Processing Impairment and the Positivity Effect in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis USC Aiken
Julie Wise Alice Meynell's Aesthetic Lyric USC Aiken


2014 USC Beaufort recipients

Principal Investigator Title Campus
Brent Morris Nineteenth Century Tidewater Resistance Communities: The Forgotten Social History of the Great Dismal Swamp (Prehistory-1865) USC Beaufort
Lisa Ciresi Foundations of a Sacred Empire: the 13th Century Ceremonial Site of Charlemagne USC Beaufort
Kimberly Cavanagh Where do we go from here? The impact of regional civil democratization on the tourism economies in Jordan and Egypt USC Beaufort
Kasia Pawelek Within-Host Models of Influenza Virus Infection: The Role of Macrophages USC Beaufort
Pamela Cooper Hoel In Their Own Voice: Bangladesh Acid Survivor Stories 2 USC Beaufort
Xuwei Liang An Integrated White Matter Analysis System Using Diffusion Tensor Imaging USC Beaufort
Brian Glaze Light of the Lowcountry USC Beaufort
Jennifer D'Antonio Synthesis and Biological Testing of a Biofilm Inhibitor Compound: An Integrated Organic-Biology Experiment USC Beaufort


2014 USC Upstate recipients

Principal Investigator Title Campus
Bradley Baumgarner The Potential Role of Endoplasmic Reticular Stress in Regulating Calcium Induced Glucose Receptor 4 Expression In Murine Skeletal Muscle Cells USC Upstate
Colleen O'Brien Cherokee and Seneca Concepts of Agrarian Freedom in the Americas USC Upstate
Michele Covington You're Not Welcome Here: The Efficacy of Residency Restrictions for Sexual Predators USC Upstate
Anselm Omoike Novel MnOxà Magnetic Nanocatalysts for the Degradation of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals USC Upstate
Desiree Dianne Rowe Depressive Realism is Why They Didn't Show Up to My 6th Birthday: A Solo Performance Project USC Upstate
Bernard Omolo A Copula-Based Approach to Differential Gene Expression Analysis USC Upstate
Rachel Snow A Global History of Snapshot Photography USC Upstate
Chunyu Ai Intelligent Wireless Sensor Network Monitoring System USC Upstate
Briget Doyle Impacts of Artificial Erosion Control on Coastal Erosion, Edisto Island, SC USC Upstate
Deshia Ann Leonhirth The relationship Between Electronic Health Record Implementation of Process of Care Functionalities and Operative Cost per Discharge USC Upstate


2014 USC Lancaster recipients

Principal Investigator Title Campus
Dana Lawrence Shakespeare Tourism in Italy USC Lancaster
Stephen Criswell South Carolina Folklife Essay Collection USC Lancaster
Steven Campbell Manipulating Advisory Processes and Decision Outcomes in U.S. Foreign Policy: Maneuvering for Influence in the Carter Administration USC Lancaster


2014 USC Salkehatchie recipients

Principal Investigator Title Campus
Eran Kilpatrick A Comprehensive Survey and Comparison of Breeding Habitats for the Pine Barrens Treefrog (Hyla andersonii) at Carolina Sandhills National Wildlife Refuge USC Salkehatchie
Thomas Bragg Beloved Author: G. P. R. James and the Rise and Fall of British Historical Romance USC Salkehatchie
Fidele Ngwane A Class of Trigonometric Fitted Second Derivative Extended Backward Differentiation Formulas for Solving Oscillatory and Periodic Initial Value Problems USC Salkehatchie
Jeff Irwin Quantifying the Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA) Standards for Employee Benefit Plans USC Salkehatchie
Sarah Miller A Tale of A Tail: An Examination of the Early Americans as Described by Explorers Contrasted with Ethnohistorical Finding and Archaeological Evidence USC Salkehatchie


2014 USC Sumter recipients

Principal Investigator Title Campus
Park Bucker Dorothy Parker Gone to Market: An Examination of the Profession of Authorship for a Major American Humorist USC Sumter
Kajal Ghoshroy Botany of Thomas Walter (1740-1789) and William Summers (1815-1875) in South Carolina USC Sumter