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Weather update: The Columbia campus will have a delayed opening until 10 am tomorrow, Jan. 18. This applies to all offices. Classes scheduled to begin before 10 am are canceled. Classes scheduled to begin at or after 10 am will take place as scheduled. See for updates See for updates.

University Registrar

Grade Spreads

An archive of grade spreads from previous semesters are included for your reference.

Semester Campus Keywords
(hidden column)
Summer 2017 [Excel] All Campuses  
Spring 2017 [Excel] All Campuses  
Fall 2016 [Excel] All Campuses  
Summer 2016 [Excel] All Campuses  
Spring 2016 [Excel] All Campuses  
Fall 2015 [Excel] All Campuses  
Summer 2015 [Excel] All Campuses  
Spring 2015 [Excel] All Campuses  
Fall 2014 [Excel] All Campuses  
Summer 2014 [Excel] All Campuses  
Spring 2014 [Excel] All Campuses  
Fall 2013 [Excel] All Campuses  
Spring 2013 [pdf] Aiken  
Spring 2013 [pdf] Columbia  
Spring 2013 [pdf] Upstate  
Fall 2012 [pdf] Aiken  
Fall 2012 [pdf] Columbia  
Fall 2012 [pdf] Upstate  
Spring 2012 [pdf] Aiken  
Spring 2012 [pdf] Columbia  
Spring 2012 [pdf] Upstate  
Fall 2011 [pdf] Aiken  
Fall 2011 [pdf] Columbia  
Fall 2011 [pdf] Upstate  
Spring 2011 [pdf] Aiken  
Spring 2011 [pdf] Columbia  
Spring 2011 [pdf] Upstate  
Fall 2010 [pdf] Aiken  
Fall 2010 [pdf] Columbia  
Fall 2010 [pdf] Upstate  
Spring 2010 [pdf] Aiken  
Spring 2010 [pdf] Columbia  
Spring 2010 [pdf] Upstate  
Fall 2009 [pdf] Aiken  
Fall 2009 [pdf] Columbia  
Fall 2009 [pdf] Upstate  
Spring 2009 [pdf] Aiken  
Spring 2009 [pdf] Columbia  
Spring 2009 [pdf] Upstate  
Fall 2008 [pdf] Aiken  
Fall 2008 [pdf] Columbia  
Fall 2008 [pdf] Upstate  
Spring 2008 [pdf] Aiken  
Spring 2008 [pdf] Columbia  
Spring 2008 [pdf] Upstate