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Office of the Provost

Academic Priorities

Faculty Replenishment

The Faculty Replenishment Hiring Initiative (FRI), a three-year initiative created to enlarge the University of South Carolina faculty population, provided funding to hire assistant and associate professors as individual faculty members on USC's Columbia campus.

Since 2008, the Office of the Provost has awarded 175 faculty positions through FRI toward a goal of 200 positions. In addition, 11 SmartState™ endowed chairs and 18 junior faculty positions were hired through this initiative. The university increased its tenure-track and tenured faculty by 127 and it non-tenure track faculty by three.


Recruitment and Process for Extending an Offer

All recruiting and hiring must be conducted in accordance with the USC Columbia faculty manual and related policies in the USC policy and procedures manual. Approval from the Office of the Provost is required before extending a formal offer for a FRI hire. A portfolio containing the following documents must be submitted by the dean to the Office of the Provost for approval prior to extending an offer:

  1. Academic position request form [pdf]
  2. A copy of the provost’s letter of authorization for the position
  3. Statement of dean’s support
  4. Memorandum of understanding for joint appointment, if applicable. If the joint appointment crosses colleges, a lead dean should be identified
  5. Curriculum vita of the candidate
  6. Three (3) letters of recommendation for the candidate
  7. For hires with tenure, a complete tenure file and the approved provost’s memo recommending tenure to the president
  8. Summary of financial commitments for proposed hire including the proposed salary, fringe benefits and start-up budget which delineates the amount requested from the provost and the amounts provided by the unit and/or college/school
  9. Any other information that the dean or lead dean deems pertinent and necessary

The complete portfolio should be submitted electronically to Senior Vice Provost Lacy Ford ( Please make certain that all documents are clearly marked.

After the dean receives a written approval from the Office of the Provost, an offer of employment may be extended in accordance with current university hiring policies and procedures. Funding decisions are tentative until an offer to a particular candidate is approved by the Provost's Office and accepted by the candidate. Funds will be transferred upon confirmation of the faculty member(s) employment at USC.